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Jeffrei Watts Painter (Nx Power Lite)


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Jeffrei Watts Painter (Nx Power Lite)

  1. 1. JEFFREI WATTS PAINTER 04.08.09 07:32 PM Kenny Rogers My world is over click
  2. 2. Autumn
  3. 3. Troy
  4. 4. Gipsy Spiriti
  5. 5. Interruption
  6. 6. Young Gent
  7. 7. Brown and Gold
  8. 8. The Russian
  9. 9. La Jola Seascape
  10. 10. Lady in Black
  11. 11. Teasha
  12. 12. Still Life With Pears
  13. 13. Sunday Best
  14. 14. Repose
  15. 15. Patience
  16. 16. Between Scenes
  17. 17. Laguna Seascape
  18. 18. Blue Velvet and Pearls
  19. 19. Final Touch
  20. 20. Katrin II
  21. 21. Pounding Waves
  22. 22. The Trapper
  23. 23. The Italian Extra
  24. 24. Fortune Teller
  25. 25. Russian Girl
  26. 26. Miss Black
  27. 27. The Philanthropi
  28. 28. Still Life With Abalone Shell                                  
  29. 29. Fleeting Glance
  30. 30. Young Painter
  31. 31. Fleeting Glance
  32. 32. Old Del Mar
  33. 33. Late Afternoon,Hig Sierras
  34. 34. JEFFREY R.WATS Jeffrey R. Watts is a southern California native. Growing up in rural San Diego county with an artist father, Watts demonstrated an early aptitude for the visual arts. But it was competitive sports that held his interest as a teenager. After an injury cut short his budding career in professional cycling, Jeff turned his focus back to art, enrolling at the California Art Institute in Calabasas. Watts was soon invited to teach at the institute as he began working as an illustrator in the movie industry. However, Watts' goal was to become a full-time easel painter, which drew him back to San Diego where he started a life-drawing and painting studio known as Watts Atelier of the Arts. His aesthetic sensibilities have always been grounded in 19th century Russian and European figurative art. The Atelier allows him to work regularly from the live model, infusing his work with traditional principles and discipline. Watts' work has been compared to that of Nicolai Fechin, an influence he is quick to acknowledge. "I never tire of looking at the work of Nicolai Fechin" Watts says, "It is the perfect combination of control and chaos." Recently, Watts received an invitation by the Taos Art Museum to hold a workshop in Mr. Fechin’s original Taos studio, an honor he humbly accepted. In addition, Watts has been invited to participate in the prestigious Prix de West Invitational Exhibition held at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. His work has received feature articles in Southwest Art, American Artist and Art of the West magazines. Jeffrey R. Watts is a Master Signature member of the Oil Painters of America, a Signature Member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and an Artist Member of the California Art Club.
  35. 35. T H E E N D August 04,2009 A.C