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Jeanne Crain Leemon Painter (Nx Power Lite)


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Jeanne Crain Leemon Painter (Nx Power Lite)

  1. 1. JEANNE CRAIN LEEMON PAINTER 28.06.09 07:56 PM Ceaikovsky Serenade for Strings Valse moderato click
  2. 2. A Simple Place and Time
  3. 3. Apricots and Plumes
  4. 4. Blue and Gold
  5. 5. Bread and Wine
  6. 6. Cumulus
  7. 7. Curves
  8. 8. Evening Drama
  9. 9. Flavors of Tuscany
  10. 10. Camellia and Teacup
  11. 11. Intermission
  12. 12. Magnolias in Silver Bowl
  13. 13. Daydream
  14. 14. Fleurs de Soleil
  15. 15. Peaches
  16. 16. Daylilies
  17. 17. North Carolina Autumn
  18. 18. Passing
  19. 19. Hidrangeas and Lilies
  20. 20. Savannah Windows
  21. 21. Primary Colors
  22. 22. Soutern Grace
  23. 23. Silence
  24. 24. Still Life Blue and Orange
  25. 25. The Letter
  26. 26. Spring Field
  27. 27. White Rose
  28. 28. September Evening Lake Tellico
  29. 29. Pink Harmony
  30. 30. Sarah in Red
  31. 31. Roses II
  32. 32. Reserva Selecta
  33. 33. Peonies
  34. 34.   A self-taught, multi-faceted artist, Jeanne Crain Leemon paints still-life, figures, and landscapes in both oil and pastel.  Her style is realistic, yet her paintings evoke a timelessness and dignity that transcends a mere depiction.  "I try to reveal the truth in my subjects as I see it; for instance, how light reveals form, or how the forces of nature affect the sky and the land, or the subtleties of the human face and figure."
  35. 35. Jeanne is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a juried member of the Oil Painters of America, International Guild of Realism, Southeastern Pastel Society, and the Portrait Society of America, and her paintings have been accepted into numerous juried shows throughout the Southeastern United States.  She won an Honorable Mention for her pastel work in the "10th Annual Pastel 100 Competition" of  The Pastel Journal magazine in 2008.  Jeanne was also named twice as a finalist winner for her oil paintings in both the still-life and portrait categories in The Artist's Magazine's  Annual Art Competition , in 2001 and 2006.  Her work is included in both private and corporate collections.   Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Jeanne Leemon has lived in the Knoxville, Tennessee area since 1993.  The beauty of the East Tennessee landscape and the lake near which she lives also continue to inspire her.  As an artist, Jeanne sees much beauty in life, and her ultimate goal is to communicate that beauty through her paintings .
  36. 36. T H E E N D June 28.2009 A.C