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Arsen kurbanov russian painter ( a c )


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  • Superb!!! The pictures are very good and beautiful; I like very much the light and the colours from these pictures. Arsen Kurbanov is a very gifted painter; the russian school of the art is a very good one. indiffeerently tat we refer to the painting, to the sculpture, to the ballet ... Thank you dear Adita for your very beautiful creation,
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Arsen kurbanov russian painter ( a c )

  1. 1. 02.12.12 01:39 AM
  2. 2. ARSEN KURBANOV.Arsen Khairullavich Kurbanov was bornin 1969 in the city of Makhachkala, Dagestan(in the former USSR) to artistic parents.His mother is painter Galina VasilevnaPshenitsina and his father is painterKhairullah Magomedovich Kurbanov.From 1981 to 1988 Arsen Kurbanov studied in the Dagestan ArtCollege named after Jeman. He defended his diploma painting, amural, on the theme Artist and Time.From 1988 to 1994, Arsen studied at the Repin Institute for paintingSculpture, and Architecture (also called the Russian Academy of Art)in St. Petersburg, in the studio of U. M. Neprintsov. During his time ofstudying, Kurbanov participated in exhibits in Berlin, Germany. Afterhe finished his classwork, he produced and defended his diplomapainting on the theme The White Goat.
  3. 3. Important exhibitions include: * 1987: Fall exhibit in the hall of theArtists Union of Dagestan. * 1988: Youths Exhibit of the Artists Unionof Dagastan. * 1989: Exhibit of Repin students at the Berlin HighInstitute. * 1992: Exhibit at the House of Cinema in St. Petersburg. *1993: Exhibit in TS V Z (acronymn) St. Petersburg. * 1993: Exhibit inthe Artists Union of St. Petersburg. * 1994: Exhibit in the House ofCinematographers of St. Petersburg.He participated in the execution of the television programs Cathedral,1993, and Hropograf, 1993.Arsen continues to paint in St. Petersburg and to present his works ininternational exhibitions.His works have been published in various books and journals,including: * International Masters of Fine Art - 2003. Catalog ofExhibit, 2003. * Tradition Rediscovered. CommonPlace Publishing, NewCanaan, CT.