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Anna homchik(1976) ukrainean painter (a c)


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Anna homchik(1976) ukrainean painter (a c)

  1. 1. 21.01.13 09:11 PM
  2. 2. Anna Homchik 1976 Kiev, UcrainaShe was born in Ukraine in artistic family. Aftergraduating from university studies at the Academy of Finezvove exclusively devoted to fine arts. After graduatingfrom university studies at the Academy of Visual Art isdedicated Exclusively zvove Visual Art creation. She hadmany individual and collective exhibitions in Europe andworldwide. Small numbers of individual and collectiveexhibitions in Europe and worldwide. Her works are in thepermanent collections gallery in Toronto, Sydney, Moscow,Warsaw, Berlin. Her works are in the collectionsRepresented gallery in Toronto, Sydney, Moscow, Warsaw,Berlin.