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What is new in SharePoint 2013 for developers


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Session at SharePoint and Project Conference Adriaics. Zagreb, 11/28/2012

SharePoint 2013 has brought us a new paradigm of developing SharePoint solutions, called SharePoint Apps. To support developers with the app development, a whole new technology stack was delivered with SharePoint 2013: two new APIs, new workflow engine, plus improvements in all existing APIs and tools. This session will give an overview of the new and improved stuff for developers in SharePoint 2013 and Visual Studio 2012.

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What is new in SharePoint 2013 for developers

  2. 2. sponsors
  3. 3. Agenda• Apps• Search• Workflow• WCM• Mobile• Other
  4. 4. APPS
  5. 5. In its most basic form, an app for SharePointis a web application that is registered withSharePoint using an app manifest.
  6. 6. apps architecture 7 STS (ACS) 3 6 2 1 9 4 8 SharePoint Server 5 10 Browser
  7. 7. apps…• …are not executed in SharePoint App pool• …are in most of the cases not even running on SP Server• …can have full trust, with user’s approval (OAuth)• …can access SharePoint Data• …can access outer world non-SharePoint Data• …can use any external resources• …can be executed in it’s own chrome, as app parts, or as SharePoint extensions
  8. 8. why apps• Isolated (safe!)• Multi-tenant• Multiple development possibilities (even non-MS stack)• Easier to deploy (no SharePointisms by deployment)• Easier to maintain (lifecycle – versioning, upgrades)• Manageable (SharePoint Marketplace, Corporate Catalog)• Cloud ready!
  9. 9. Apps Examples
  10. 10. sp app design - a choice of three approaches Provider-Hosted App SharePoint “Bring your own server hosting infrastructure” Your Hosted SiteCloud-based Apps Web Developers will need to isolate tenantsGet remote events fromSharePointUse CSOM/REST + Azure Auto-Provisioned App AzureOAuth to work with SP Windows Azure + SQL Azure SharePoint (from provisioned invisibly as apps are Web WebDeploy, Dac installed Pac) SharePoint-hosted App Parent Provision an isolated sub web on a parent Web web • Reuse web elements App Web (lists, files, out-of-box web parts) • No server code allowed; use client (from WSP) JavaScript for logic, UX
  11. 11. Types of Apps for SharePoint Shape Description Example Immersive App App that implements a new Resource Tracking, (Full Page) scenario for customers Budgeting App Part Provides new parts you can add Weather, to your sites Team Mascot, News Extension App Add new actions for documents Display Document (Custom Action) and items Visualization, Print to Print Service Vendor
  12. 12. framework & tools• .NET Framework 4.0 (or 4.5)• JavaScript• Visual Studio • only 2012 • need to create an App Domain • additional templates• Napa Office 365 Dev Tools • client side tools • cloud based • can export to VS• Solution upgrades - do I have to?
  13. 13. Visual Studio• New “Development” site template is the only way you can deploy Apps from VS to SP directly• Must configure Server to develop against it• Can create 2010 objects• Still has the old SharePoint Solution project templates • New list designer item template
  14. 14. app security• App Permissions: • Set during Development • Granted during Installation • Trusted by Users• App Policies: • User only (only care about who) • App only (only care about what) • User and App (care about both)
  15. 15. app management• Service & Service Application in Central Admin• License Management• Catalog Management• App Monitoring• Site Template for Managing
  16. 16. app development• Local development • Has to be on Windows Server 2008 R2 (or later) • Memory reqs have gone up – 12 GB RAM seems workable... But TechNet recommends 24 GB • Extra configuration needed for app development • Visual Studio 2012• Remote development • Sign up for Office 365 Developer Site • Possible to use NAPA – app for building apps
  17. 17. sharepoint csom and rest api• Apps connect to SharePoint using • SharePoint 2013 Client Side Object Model (CSOM) • SharePoint 2013 REST API • Javascript cross-domain library (SP.RequestExecutor.js)• Main investments in 2013 • Client.svc is extended with REST capabilities • Easier for javascript and non .NET code • Implemented in accordance with oData protocol • Programming style is largely unchanged • New APIs for SharePoint Server functionality • User Profiles, Search, Taxonomy, Feeds, ....
  18. 18. feature availability matrix
  19. 19. rest urls in sharepoint 2013• _api folder! • http://sharepoint/_api/web vs http://sharepoint/_vti_bin/client.svc/web• Example REST URLs targeting SharePoint sites • _api/web/lists • _api/web/lists/List1 • /_api/web/lists/getByTitle(Consultants)/Items
  20. 20. remote event receivers App Server Push Notifications
  21. 21. is an app answer for everything?
  22. 22. things to keep in mind• Plan for RAM. Target = 16Gb for combined dev environment.• Apps require configuration work to setup.• Developer Knowledge: • Will need to understand DNS and App Domains or work with someone who does. • If you haven’t learned claims, do so. • Deprecating .asmx web services
  23. 23. when should you choose a sp solution• Access to full SP object model• Administrative functions or extensions• Require Scope above web• Custom Site Definitions, Themes, Delegate controls, action groups, User Controls• OAuth is not an option
  24. 24. New List designer
  25. 25. SEARCH
  26. 26. search changes• Updated API, allows searching by "NEAR", better display templates• New Content Enrichment Web Service• Keyword Language Query (KQL)• Client object model (CSOM) and REST allows searching from a non-SP server...returns JSON http://server/site/_api/search
  27. 27. deprecated in search• SOAP web service has been deprecated _layouts/_vti_bin/search.asmx• SQL Query syntax removed• XSLT is replaced with Display Templates• No more use of the Full Text SQL Query
  28. 28. WORKFLOW
  29. 29. new workflow in sharepoint 2013• Completely redesigned workflow infrastructure • New host • .NET 4.5• Declarative, no-code authoring environment• Declarative Workflows can call REST and SOAP services• Enhanced SPD 2013 authoring support• Support for creating custom actions• Introducing “Stages” which mitigate SharePoint Designer’s lack of loop support and provides state machine functionality
  30. 30. sp2013 workflow architecture
  31. 31. workflow tooling (1)• SharePoint Designer 2013 • Can build both 2010/2013 workflows • Stages, Loops & Steps –status per stage • Core Actions • “Add a Comment”, “Build Dictionary”, “Count Items in Dictionary”, “Do Calculation” • “Call HTTP Web Service”, Go To “Stage” • Coordination Actions • Start a List workflow, Start a Site workflow • Project Actions • Create Project from Current Item, Set Project Stage Status, Wait for Project Event
  32. 32. workflow tooling (2)• Visual Studio 2012 • Designer surface for declarative workflows • Deploy via SharePoint App• Visio 2013 • 3 Stencil categories for SP2013 Workflow Actions, Conditions & Terminators
  34. 34. WCM in SharePoint 2013• Support the tools and workflows designers use• Variations & Content Translation• Search Engine Optimization• Cross Site Publishing• Video & Embedding• Image renditions• Clean URLs• Metadata navigation
  35. 35. designing a website in SPS2013 SharePoint HTML Auto Snippet ChannelSketches Upload Convert Gallery settings CSS Dreamweaver, Expression, etc…
  36. 36. Other changes
  37. 37. bcs changes• Supports ODATA• Filtering with drop down list selection• Export External lists to Excel (1 way sync)• New Event Receivers: • get notified of data changes in external system • e.g., you can create a custom event on an external list that sends an email message to an employee when a customer account is assigned to that employee in the external system
  38. 38. new field type• GeoLocation field
  40. 40. sharepoint 2013 mobility api• Windows Phone 7.5 – SP Mobility API• Windows Phone SDK 7.1 with 7.1.1. update• SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 7.1.• Two new VS 2010 Templates: • Empty SharePoint 2013 Mobile App • SharePoint 2013 List App
  41. 41. sharepoint powered wp7 app Bing maps Data SP MOBILITY API APP PNS
  42. 42. non-wp devices CSOM and/or REST HttpClient Windows iPad/iPho HTML5/ 8 ne jQuery Blackberr Android y
  43. 43. questions?ADISJUGO.COM@ADISJUGO