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SharePoint in the clouds, on earth, in the subway, and in a fruit salad (mango and apples)


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Session on development of SharePoint-powered apps for mobile and tablet devices - ShareConf, Dusseldorf/Germany, June 2012

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SharePoint in the clouds, on earth, in the subway, and in a fruit salad (mango and apples)

  1. 1. The problemCurrent situationSharePoint data in the enterpriseSharePoint data in the world
  2. 2. GoodOld Times
  3. 3. consume data?One System, one hardware, one OS Windows EverywhereHomogenous IT environment Microsoft market leader in operating systems, server and productivity software
  4. 4. today?• The way how we are consuming information has inevitably changedDifferent hardware, multiple OSs Strangers in the nightHeterogonous IT environments Incompatible systems, incompatible identities, one data
  5. 5. • The• Most relevant corporate data stored in SharePoint or leveraged through it
  6. 6. challengeKeep it SharePoint style Keep it device-conformData and permissions managed in SharePoint Visualization of the data looks different on different devices
  7. 7. response
  8. 8. approach
  9. 9. on mobile devices• Way too much document centric• Devices are not ideal medium for collaboration and document editing• Employees want information, not pure documentsDevices are… BI, Search, Solutions…...meant to consume information. Great deal of SharePoint power is left out in mobile apps
  10. 10. solutionSharePoint apps are… Custom apps are… SharePoint out of the box features …like customizations and custom solutions we were always developing with SharePoint
  11. 11. today?Client-Server architecture Mimicking the business layer in UI Impersonation what?We stopped using that decades ago …and producing some very ugly Doors Open Days 24/7/365 JavaScript code on the way
  12. 12. apps
  13. 13. entapps• The device needs to be in the domainKnow your rights Comparable with SharePoint solutionsUsers can not do more or less SharePoint solutions for mobilethan in SharePoint interface itself and devices
  14. 14. Surface• …loved by the admins
  15. 15. scenario
  17. 17. architecture outlineUse architecture patterns Windows RT MetroLayered, modular architecture, with Windows RT App will be consumingfull separation of concerns the WCF service
  18. 18. architecture outline
  20. 20. reaching out• Variety of devices• Variety of operation systems• Native vs. HTML5/jQueryNative Apps HTML5 / jQuery appsAre usually more user friendly, more in style of specific Are cross-device compatible, can be published as apps indevice, can use full power of the device, and usually faster most app stores, easier to maintain in the futureto develop
  21. 21. Windows 8 iPad/iPhone HTML5/jQueryWindows Phone Android Blackberry
  22. 22. problems
  23. 23. rest services• You can specify the endpoint yourselfREST Services It’s WCF after allNeed to be hosted inside the SharePoint Web Rest services in SharePoint are implemented throughApplication, otherwise the authentication mechanisms Windows Communication Foundationwill not work.
  24. 24. wcf services• http://server/_vti_bin/Service.svc/negotiate• http://server/_vti_bin/Service.svc/ntlm• http://server/_vti_bin/Service.svc/anonymous
  25. 25. wcf services• But you can HTTP Module
  26. 26. architecture outline – Windows Phone 7
  27. 27. architecture outline – HTML5 and jQuery
  29. 29.
  30. 30. considerations • Possible • Sending username and password • Storing username and password• Using Claims and federated identity providers • SharePoint + ACS => ACS must return SAML 1.1 tokens • Securing REST with ACS => SWT tokensAzure Control Services REST + ACSCan be used to act as identity provider for SharePoint. When using Claims with REST services, they expect SWTSharePoint expects SAML 1.1 tokens tokens, so ACS needs to be configured to return it.
  31. 31. recapitulation
  32. 32. questions? Adis Jugo Technology Advisor T +49 89 3186 7154 M +49 151 52 602 822 F Mail: +49 7361 55 621 20 @adisjugo Blog: