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First look at SharePoint 2013


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Presentation at Microsoft Community Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 2012

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First look at SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. Prvi pogled naSharePoint 2013 Adis Jugo PlanB. d.o.o. Sarajevo 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  2. 2. 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  3. 3. Back in the time… 2001: Microsoft 2010:SharePoint 2003: Microsoft Portal Microsoft SharePoint Server SharePoint Server 2002: 2007: 2013: Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft SharePoint Office SharePoint Team SharePoint Server Services Server Microsoft CMS 2002 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  4. 4. Back in the time… 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  5. 5. SharePoint 2013: What is New• Numerous platform level improvements and new capabilities – Shredded Storage – SQL Improvements – Cache Service – Request Management• ECM – eDiscovery, Team Folders• WCM• Social Features• Search• New development model / apps• New Workflow 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  6. 6. SharePoint 2013: What is NewPhilosophy Shift - Product more than a platform - Cloud First - Continuous upgrades 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  7. 7. Browser Support MatrixBrowser Supported in 2013 Supported with limitations Not testedInternet Explorer 9 (32-bit) XInternet Explorer 8 (32-bit) XInternet Explorer 9 (64-bit) XInternet Explorer 8 (64-bit) XInternet Explorer 7 (both) XMozilla Firefox (Latest Xversion in-market)Google Chrome (Latest Xversion in-market)Safari (Latest version in- Xmarket) 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  8. 8. User Profile Import options in SharePoint 2013SharePoint Farm FIM External System Direct Active Directory Import User Profile Service Active Directory Application C# 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  9. 9. Enterprise Content Management• Site-level retention policies• eDiscovery Center• Team folders – Seemless integration of Exchange and SharePoint to provide best of both world and end user flexibility 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  10. 10. Office Web Apps in Wave 15 3rd party apps 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  11. 11. Search• New Search architecture with one unified search• Personalized search results based on search history• Rich contextual previews 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  12. 12. WCMSHAREPOINT 2013 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  13. 13. Themes• The themes engine has been completely reworked• Everything is now HTML5 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  14. 14. Web Content Management• Support the tools and workflows designers use• Variations & Content Translation• Search Engine Optimization• Cross Site Publishing• Video & Embedding• Image renditions• Clean Urls• Metadata navigation 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  15. 15. Enable Intelligent Experiences • Metadata navigation • Topic Pages • Clean URLs • Content by Search • Refinements • Recommendati onsEvents Analytics Engine Mined Recommendations Search Engine (item-to-item, popularity) 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  16. 16. Mobile• Classic and Contemporary views for mobile browsers• Automatic Mobile Browser Redirection• Target different designs based on user agent string• Office Mobile Web Apps – Excel – PowerPoint – Word• Push notifications 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  17. 17. Create web sites m o “En-US” Search Crawl Content Search Webpart Variatio ns“Fr-Fr” Translationères 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  18. 18. SOCIAL FEATURES SHAREPOINT 2013 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  19. 19. My Site - The Landing Page • Newsfeed: shows you updates on social activities for items and people you are following: – People posts – People profile changes – Changes on followed documents – Items tagged with followed tags – Mentions – Activities: all my activities – Likes – Company Feeds 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  20. 20. About Me – What Other People See 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  21. 21. Following • In SP2013 users can follow different things – People – Sites – Documents – Tags • Following has a common user interface experience 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  22. 22. @Me (aka: Mentions) • Mentions give the ability to refer to a person in a microblogging post • it works independently from following – if a person gets mentioned that post will show in his or her mentions feed. • People can mention – People who are in the “Followed People” list – People in the Profile DB • User who gets mentioned receives a notification email • Newsfeed page also provides a visual notification of number of mentions 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  23. 23. Social• Communities – Community sites with self- service administration and moderation – Modern community features such as achievements and reputation• Blogs – Client application integration – Categories, comments, and moderation 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  24. 24. Community Home Page 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  25. 25. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SHAREPOINT 2013 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  26. 26. Business Intelligence• Excel Services – Instant analysis through In Memory BI Engine – Power View Add-in• PerformancePoint Services – Overall improvements• Visio Services – Refresh data from external sources – BCS and Azure SQL 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  27. 27. Tasks - Architecture 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  28. 28. My Tasks 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  29. 29. SharePoint Apps• Lists and Libraries?• Angry Birds?• Enterprise Solutions? animated 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  30. 30. Customization packaging and deployment options Farm Sandbox SP Apps• Full trust solutions • Declarative elements • New Apps model• Customizations to file • Partially trusted code • Deployed from system of servers service still included corporate catalog or• Classic model from for limited server side office market place 2007 support • Manage permission and licenses specifically • Preferred option 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  31. 31. SP App Design - A Choice of Three Approaches Developer-Hosted App SharePoint “Bring your own server hosting infrastructure” Your Hosted SiteCloud-based Apps Web Developers will need to isolate tenantsGet remote events fromSharePointUse CSOM/REST + Azure Auto-Provisioned App AzureOAuth to work with SP Windows Azure + SQL Azure SharePoint (from provisioned invisibly as apps are Web WebDeploy, installed DacPac) SharePoint-hosted App Parent Provision an isolated sub web on a parent Web web • Reuse web elements App Web (lists, files, out-of-box web parts) • No server code allowed; use client (from WSP) JavaScript for logic, UX 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  32. 32. Apps and Market place process 7 2 3 SP Platform App Submission 4 61 5 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  33. 33. SP App upgrade process 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  34. 34. SharePoint Designer and new workflows in SP2013 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  35. 35. SharePoint Designer in SP2013• Key investments are in workflow management – New workflow configuration – New 15 workflow model with Windows Azure Workflow• Easy and visual workflow designing directly in SharePoint Designer – Support for example for copy-paste operations in workflow designing• Designer and split view option removed from SPD 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  36. 36. Windows Azure Workflow in SharePoint 2013• Workflow now treated as a service• Moved to Windows Azure Workflow – No longer runs in the content farm – No longer requirement to run on SharePoint WFE / App servers – Harnesses the latest workflow technology from Microsoft• SharePoint deployment drives where workflow runs – Hosted: Azure Workflow – On-Prem: Windows Azure Workflow Service• Improves stability, scalability & transparency 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  37. 37. Windows Azure Workflow Process Azure Access Control SharePoint Solutions Content WF3 OAuth2Visual Studio Host Azure Workflow Apps Events Azure SharePoint OM Workflow Workflow Services REST Calls SharePoint Manager Designer Deployment Messaging Azure ServiceBus Instances Interop Events Azure Workflow Service Application Proxy 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  38. 38. Pitanja? 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija
  39. 39. Hvala Vam na pažnji! 1. MSCommunity BiH konferencija