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Developing SP2013-powered mobile apps


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Developing Windows Phone apps based on SharePoint 2013 data and the new mobility API - Session on Mobility Day 2013, September 2012

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Developing SP2013-powered mobile apps

  1. 1. Zagreb,27. rujna 2012.Hotel Antunović
  2. 2. Adis JugoZagreb, U potrazi za janjetinom27. rujna 2012. Razvoj SharePoint-powered mobilnih aplikacija
  3. 3. Agenda SharePoint and mobile applications – short history New opporunities with SharePoint 2013 Coding the Janjetina App
  4. 4. Anyone remembers…?
  5. 5. Anyone knows her?
  6. 6. • The• Most relevant corporate data stored in SharePoint or leveraged through it
  7. 7. the challenge Data stored in SharePoint Data consumed everywhere User friendly, tailored to devices Permissions and securityKeep it SharePoint style Keep it device-conformData and permissions managed in SharePoint Visualization of the data looks different on different devices
  8. 8. the response
  9. 9. the alternative
  10. 10. the solution Development of mobile apps that leverage SharePoint data Data-centric apps, focusing on user processes and providing users with information
  11. 11. how did we do it yesterday? Actually, we don’t, but if we do, then… …direct access to the lists  CSOM (ASP.NET powered HTML apps)  SPServices  OData
  12. 12. what kind of apps are wedeveloping
  13. 13. what kind of apps are wedeveloping
  14. 14. demoJanjetina-InfoGdje jestikvalitetnujanjetinu?
  15. 15. Use case / rough architecture Bing maps Data SP MOBILE APIAPP PNS
  16. 16. demo Prije nego što počnemo, molim obratiti pažnju na sjaj u palcima!Janjetina-alertNeko jeotkriokvalitetnujanjetinu!
  17. 17. Push notifications and SharePointMicrosoft.SharePoint.Client.PushNotificationSubscriber
  18. 18. demoRoad tojanjetinaHit thelamb road!
  19. 19. Non-WP devices Windows 8 iPad/iPhone HTML5/jQuery Android Blackberry
  20. 20. recapitulation
  21. 21. pitanja @adisjugo
  22. 22. ankete @adisjugo http://adis.jugo.baAko popunite anketu jošdanas, dobit ćete ovaj setnoževa po super povoljnojcijeni...Dobro, nećete, ali nema veze....
  23. 23. Hvala