How to 360 flip?


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  • How to 360 flip? A basic skateboarding trick for advanced skateboarders, also known as a tre flip.
  • A 360 flip is basically when the skate board turns 360° and flips once as its turning. As you can see I am performing one in the picture on the left.
  • This trick is my favorite, and I’m sure will be yours too. In both these pictures, I am doing this trick on obstacles. It is not too hard to learn, after a few basic steps, you’ll be able to tre flip OR 360 flip in no time.
  • First of all you need to position your feet like this. Make sure that your back foot is touching the “tail” of the board, which is the back of the board, and your toes are slightly over the edge. Your foot must be slightly angled inwards, but really close to forming a 90° angle with the board. On the other hand, your front foot can be positioned anyway you feel comfortable, but preferably behind the bolts of the board and angled outwards as you can see in this picture.
  • Once you’re positioned correctly, scoop, or kick back the board as hard as you can with your back foot. Make sure that your toes are wrapped around the rim of the tail as you scoop. This is how it should look like just as you start to scoop…
  • At that point, slide your front foot off the board at an angle. You can see the angle that probably will work best for you in this image. As your are doing that, jump as high as you can into the air, but not too high so that you don’t lose control of what your are doing.
  • When the board has spun 360° and flipped once, catch the board with your front foot. As you can see in this picture, the board will have a slight tweak downwards.
  • Instantly put your back foot on the back bolts before it hits the floor as shown in the picture.
  • Not like this.
  • Then most importantly, roll away and sink in your own pride.
  • How to 360 flip?

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