Moderator Instructions1. Students will be met by a study facilitator (Hank, Amanda, Allison, or Patrick) at the entrance t...
Moderator instructions
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Moderator instructions


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Moderator instructions used for a usability study of the California State University, Fresno Henry Madden Library web site by campus faculty in 2010-2011.

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Moderator instructions

  1. 1. Moderator Instructions1. Students will be met by a study facilitator (Hank, Amanda, Allison, or Patrick) at the entrance to Studio 2 and asked to complete a Pre-survey/ Consent form. The facilitator will bring the student to one of the testing rooms. <br />2. Make sure the screen is positioned so that it is parallel to the student’s face. This will enable their entire face to be recorded. 3. The facilitator will knock on the door to the testing room. They will give you the Pre-survey/ Consent form. 4. Immediately click on the Screenium icon to start recording (lens icon at bottom of screen). Make sure it is full screen. 5. Welcome the student and ask them to be seated in front of the computer. 6. State aloud the number on the Pre-Survey/Consent form. 7.  Ask the student if they would prefer to use a Mac or PC keyboard and mouse. Exchange if necessary. (Both may be plugged in.) <br />8. Point out that there is a print copy of the questions you are reading for their reference. 9. Read the Introduction Script, including demonstration of the speak aloud method. While demonstrating the speak aloud method, you should open up the Safari web browser and leave open for the student to use in full screen. 10. Make sure the screen displays the library home page full screen (use Home icon). Point out the home icon to the student so that they will return to the home page at the start of each question. 11. Before starting the questions, remind students to: <br />Speak aloud about what they are thinking. Provide reminders throughout the session if necessary. If they have stopped speaking aloud, say “Please let me know what you’re thinking.” <br />Ask you to repeat the question, if needed.<br />Let you know if they are unable to answer the question. <br />Remain on the library's web site (do not use Google or other sites)<br />    Other tips: <br />If the student is not speaking aloud say, as often as necessary: <br />“Please let me know what you’re thinking.” <br />After 3 minutes go by and/or you judge that the student is having considerable difficulty answering the question, say: <br />"Thank you for trying. Some of these questions are difficult to answer. Would you like to move on to the next question?" <br />Continued on next page <br />If the student insists on continuing to try to answer the question, say: <br />"Unfortunately, time is limited and we need to move on to the other questions." <br />If the student goes to a site outside of the library web site, say: <br />"Please stop for a moment and tell me why you chose to use this site." Once they are done, say: "We appreciate your feedback but, for the purposes of this study, we are just looking at the library web. Please return to the library home page using the Home icon." <br />12. Begin reading the Usability Test Activity questions. 13. When you and the student are finished, thank them for participating and tell them they can go to the entrance of Studio 2 to obtain their Starbuck's card from the facilitator. 14. Use Ctrl Alt C to stop the Screenium recording. 15. Rename the Screenium file using the number on the upper right of the Pre-survey/Consent form. <br />Please let the facilitator know if you have any questions. <br />