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Coding Guide Handout


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Coding Guide used for a usability study of the California State University, Fresno Henry Madden Library web site by campus faculty.

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Coding Guide Handout

  1. 1. Coding Guide<br />Do not code the introductory instructions. Start coding when the moderator commences activity #1.<br />On the coding form, you’ll see a column for both “notes” and “coder notes.” Notes are your rich description of what happened around the time of the time stamp. Make clear why you attached the code you did and anything else important. Coder notes are for you to note something you think is especially important – something you want to ensure that is not lost in future analysis.<br />If you want to suggest an additional code, give it code “Z” and explain in the coder notes column your suggestion for an additional code.<br />Verbal ABCDEFGHIJPositive CommentNegative CommentRationale Comment (statement about why they are doing something)Suggestion for ImprovementVariation from ExpectationQuestion (subject asks a question; do not code for subject restatement of question to themselves)Stated Confusion/UncertaintyStated FrustrationStated ConfidenceStated SatisfactionNon-VerbalKLMNOPFrowning/Grimacing/Groaning/UnhappySmiling/Laughing/HappySurprised/Unexpected (e.g. widened eyes, tilted head, shrug)Concentration (e.g. squinting, furrowed brow)Impatience (e.g. eye-rolling, impatient sighing or tapping, fidgeting)Evidence of Confusion/Uncertainty Task Completion StatusQRSTUVIncompleteParticipant gave upTask called by moderator FailDK (failed but did not know it) CompleteFully completePartially completeSuccessDK (Success but didn’t know it. For example, on Q2, subject is looking at a swine flu article citation on screen but does not realize that they have the answer.)<br />