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  1. 1. “Eventually I want to open my own auto collision repair shop. My father and I have been sharing this dream for a long time.” - Carlos Mercado PCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  2. 2. Almost half of PCC students need financial help to attend college.
  3. 3. “Teaching is incredibly important to me, and I would hate to see this dream die because of the lack of finances.” - Annette Smith PCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  4. 4. More than 44 percent of degree-seeking students at PCC are the first in their families to go to college.
  5. 5. “I believe in pursuing your dream, conquering the obstacles, striving to achieve excellence, and understanding that anything is possible.” - Mark Danilin PCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  6. 6. In the last 5 years, 24,000 students have transferred from PCC to a school in the Oregon University System.
  7. 7. “As a librarian in higher education, it was thrilling to work with students and watch the light bulb turn on in their faces. Through my career and now as a PCC donor, I touch people’s lives.” - Evelyn Crowell PCC Foundation Donor
  8. 8. PCC serves more college freshman and sophomore students than the seven Oregon public universities combined.
  9. 9. “We’re building human beings. It’s an investment in the future. Without us helping, these kids and adults don’t have any kind of doors open to them.” - Peter Bauer President, PCC Foundation Board of Directors
  10. 10. Together, PCC students earn about $112 million more annually – contributing significantly more to the local economy – as a result of their PCC educations.
  11. 11. “Many of our students are on their second or third chance. They may be on their last chance. I want them to have every chance to succeed.” - Tony Greiner PCC Reference & Instruction Librarian Cascade Campus Captain, Faculty, Staff & Retiree Campaign
  12. 12. “In our future careers, we will give back to our communities in a variety of ways as we become nurses, teachers, social workers, service professionals, and so much more.” - Erica Bailey PCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  13. 13. More than 60 percent of the nation’s new registered nurses and the majority of allied health professionals train at community colleges.
  14. 14. From welding to Web site development, accounting to aviation maintenance, PCC students go on to careers in more than 80 fields of expertise.
  15. 15. “PCC gets more out of each “My view of the work of the education dollar that is provided community college system is to it than any other organization vitally important.” that it’s of its kind in this community.” - Bob Walsh - Harvey Platt President, Walsh Construction CEO, Platt Electric Supply Founding Sponsor, The PCC PCC Foundation Board Member Foundation Golf Invitational
  16. 16. “Education can make up for a lot of injustice and inequality in our communities. By supporting PCC, I can help support my community and my grandchildren’s future.” - Jeff Van Raden PCC Alumnus Owner, Columbia Industries
  17. 17. and the world community is a better place for it