Quetsion 4


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Quetsion 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Right through this project I have used a range of technologies, some I had previous experience and some I had never used before, during my time Ihave developed a range of skills from using all these technologies. There was various stages to the project, firstly research, then planning, construction and evaluation. New technologies we used in all stages
  2. 2. YouTube ResearchFirstly a technology I used was YouTube in myresearch, I browsed through videos to give me of anidea of what kind of songs I wanted to make amusic video too. It allowed me to look at artistsfrom my genres music videos so I could analysesconventions. A feature on YouTube which wasextremely helpful is the related search toolbar,which provides you with similar videos to the onesyou’ve searched already, so using YouTube providedme with more example for music videos from mygenre than the research I did using a search engineslike Google.YouTube was easy to use and accessible at anytime.When blogging my case studies, YouTube also camein helpful as it allowed me to extract videos from itswebsite and place on my blog. This was helpful as itgave visitors of my blog easy access to find thevideos I was talking about in my case study.
  3. 3. Research
  4. 4. Ipod and Phones ResearchThe second technology usedwas my iPod and phone.Many of the times I was onYouTube looking at musicvideos, I was doing this onmy phone and iPod, my iPodalso allowed me to watchmusic channels. These musicchannels had videos whichgave us ideas about differenttypes of genres, differenttypes of shot and locations.These videos also had acomments sections whichallowed us to analyze whatwas favored by the audienceand what was not.
  5. 5. PowerPoint ResearchIn the research stage I usedPowerPoint to create presentationswhich I later turned to slide shares,this technology was useful as I feltbeing able to make slide shareshelped to organize parts of theproject and make the blog lookneater. It looked better and created amore professional look
  6. 6. Internet /Search enginesWithin the research stages I used search enginessuch as Google; it allowed me to access many Researchsources. I used websites such as Wikipedia; thisprovided me with knowledge on my artists andother artists which related to my artist. It providedme with pictures of their CD covers andadvertisement posters which I analyzed for mycase studies. I was able to look at the photo shootsof similar artists giving me ideas of what type ofMise en scene, clothing, make up and prop’s Iwould use in the construction of my music videoand ancillary products. I was also able to look uplocations where we wanted to film on Googlemaps. I used the internet to email files back andforth to my group members and also contact myteachers.Lastly I used the internet for definition of mediawords I wasn’t familiar with. Another thing I usedthe internet for in my research stage was to obtainthe lyrics of our song, researching the lyrics helpedwhen it came to the planning stage as we plannedour video around these lyrics to ensure that thestory in our video correlated with the lyrics of thesong. I had internet access on my phone and I ipodso was always able to find out information quickly.
  7. 7. ResearchCamera and tripodsIn our research stage we filmed our classat two different times asking them whatthey thought out our initial treatment ideaand what they thought about our ideas forancillary products. To do this we usedtechnologies such as college cameras andtripods. These videos were then loaded upto YouTube to enable us to put them onour blogs. Being able to use the technologyof filming meant we could re watch thesevideos over and over again ensuring thatwe didn’t miss any piece of feedback
  8. 8. Planning
  9. 9. Microsoft and PowerPointAnother technology I used was Microsoft word and PowerPoint; this could Planningarguably be one of the most important of all. I used Microsoft word and powerpoint in the construction of everything. I used it to draft everything from my casestudies, to my recee, my risk assessments, production schedule and many more allthe way through to my evaluation. Even though many of these files have now beenuploads to slide shares, sound clouds and prezis I still used Microsoft word todraft, as it spell checks and grammar checks.As well as using PowerPoint for making presentation that would later be turnedinto a slideshares, I also used the simple photo editing feature to create imageslike these for my ancillary products drafts
  10. 10. PlanningScannersOne of the most important stages of planningwas making our story boards. Ourstoryboards were hand written and in orderto get our storyboards on to the computer wehad to use the technology provided by ascanner. Putting them on the computerallowed us to share with others on our blogand also make duplicates as we then printedthem out for each group member.
  11. 11. Ipod for photosDuring the planning stage we used more new Planningtechnologies. We used HD cameras to takebehind the scene photos for our blog. I alsoused my Ipod with panorama features to takepicture for my Recce. These pictures proveduseful as we were able to use them whendiscussing what areas were best for eachscene, so when we got to our locations to filmwe knew exactly what we were doing tomaximized time.
  12. 12. Mobile Phones PlanningMobile phones were used in Planning in everystage of our products from our shoot, to trying tocoordinate times outside of lesson to do extrawork to keep on top of the project, cocoordinating times to go to each others house toplan evaluation questions and videos. To do t hiswe have used blackberrys iphones and androids.We downloaded apps such as whatsapp and bbm.They allowed us to instant message each otherfor free., this made communication and planningmuch easier. We also face timed each other anyqueries, face timing my group members wasuseful because it meant that I could use mycamera and show them work I had done or viceversa.With iphones and androids we were also able todownload the blogger app. Doing this meant Icould draft potential blogs and even blog in thego. This increased organization and efficiency.
  13. 13. Construction During the construction stage there were many new types of technologies introduced, some ourgroup members hadn’t even heard of let alone used before. These included video editing software’s such as Final cut pro. We uploaded our footage tothe Imacs , here we choose the footage we wanted.We then began editing and changing our footage to monochrome adding transitions, speeding and slowing down the cutting rate ect. Most importantly we matched the video to the song so when our artist sang it matched the words. Finalcut pro was my weakness as I am not very familiar with the software, despite having training I didn’t pick it up very quickly so was cautious when it came to this stage. However support from my group meant I was able to get over this.
  14. 14. Construction
  15. 15. Construction
  16. 16. Construction
  17. 17. Conversion sites, mobile phones and Evaluation windows movie maker At the evaluation stage different technologies were used to record and answer question 1 and 3. When recording my questions I used my phone, however the format of voice notes on my phone are AMR, when making my video the software I used was windows movie make because I could access it from home. Windows movie maker is not compatible with AMR so I had to usetechnologies to convert my AMR files to MP3. I also had to convert my videos to MP4 and then to AMI in order for them to be compatible with windows movie maker. I then use YouTube to show case my evaluation video
  18. 18. Another technology that was used in the Evaluationevaluation stage to collate feedback from ourtarget audience was twitter. We uploaded thevideo to our twitter accounts so that our peerscould direct message or tweet us back withfeedback . We put the videos up at differentstages so they could give us constructive critismand we could make changes accordingly, twitterallowed us to talk straight to our targetaudience. All of us had twitter on our phones socould view and respond back to our audiencefeedback fairly quickly.To get more views and therefore comments onour video I tried to create a buzz, getting many ofmy friends to tweet my music video, I tried tomaximize my opportunity to gain feedback. Aftera while we had people contacting us aboutseeing the music video!
  19. 19. EvaluationMicrosoft word and PowerPointAnother technology I used for myevaluation was again Microsoft word andPowerPoint. Word was used to draft upwhat I was going to say on my voiceover’s in my evaluation videos in orderto grammar check. PowerPoint was usedto create presentations which wherethem moved to a slide share. This was askill I developed as I had never done thisbefore.
  20. 20. Paint EvaluationTo complete myevaluation I needed stillimages of text in myevaluation video, soviewers knew where Iwas and what topic I wasevaluating. So like hereyou can see, I created thison paint making paintone of the manytechnologies I used whencompleting myevaluation.
  21. 21. EvaluationGoogle ChromeI used the internet throughout myevaluation to look up mediatechnology I wasn’t sure of themeaning to. I also used the internet tolook up Stuart hall, Rowland Barthesand Andrew Goodwin’s theory toensure i had enough knowledge toincorporate them into my evaluationquestions. I also used search engines tolook up pictures of all the mediatheorists to add in to my evaluationvideo.
  22. 22. Windows movie maker EvaluationLastly another technology used inmy evaluation was windows moviemaker, this allowed me to makevideos which included voice oversand still images as well as shortvideo clips to answer myevaluation questions 1 and 3
  23. 23. BloggerThroughout my project I usedblogger, a program I didn’tpreviously know how to use.However I picked it up veryquickly. I have used blogger atevery stage as I have blogged mywork every time its completed. Itwas easy to use and allowed us tostay organized as we were keeptrack of our progression. Bloggerallowed us to embed photos,videos and various presentationssuch as prezis and slide shares.Blogger was easily accessiblefrom our mobile phones as we alldownloaded the app.
  24. 24. As a group did you develop skills and individually? As a group we definitely developed skills. Firstly as a group there was many programs and software’s we hadnever used before and are now able to use with ease. The biggest one is blogger. Before none of our group knew how to use blogger and now we are all very comfortable with every aspect of blogging. Other technologies our grouped developed skills in was using programs like slide share and photo peach which we had never used before, when creating a product on these programs they had to be embedded onto our blog. I had never had to embed something before so had no idea how to do however I was shown by one of my class members and can now successfully embed products on to my blog, this is a skill that I can take forward in to my personal life. A member of our group provided us with her personal camera to shoot our video with, being her personalcamera , she was very familiar with It and knew exactly how to use It, meaning we were able to maximize the useof all the features. This particular group member is very good with the technical side of things for example, usingcameras, tripod, using the software’s such as Final cut pro and Adobe photo shop. So in this project she was able to further develop her skills she already had, where as I developed many new skills which again I hope will be useful to me in the future. As a group we also developed the skills of team work and using technologies to effectively communicate. Forexample there was no point In time where we couldn’t get In contact with each other. We downloaded a range ofapps which allowed us to communicate without having to pay, I introduced members of my group to apps which they didn’t know about widening there knowledge of communication technologies