Magazine ideology


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Magazine ideology

  1. 1. MAGAZINE IDEOLOGYWhat information did I find out from my market research?I found out that the majority of the people who took my survey would prefer a Rock magazineother than an RnB or Indie magazine. I also found that a suitable age for my magazine to rangefrom would be 18-23, I have decided this from understanding that the majority of the people whoanswered my questions were in education or they were part time workers. From this I also knowwhat suitable advertisements I could use in my magazine such as itunes and concert tickets. Theinformation I have gained has given me a rough idea of how my magazine should come togetherand how I can develop my ideas to match the criteria.Is there a niche in the market for your product?I think even though my magazine does follow what has already been made in the market in pastproductions, I think my magazine would make a niche in the market. I think this because with theinformation I have already gained I now have the knowledge and understanding of how I couldmake my product something new, from working off old ideas I can develop them and create afresh, new product. Because more Rock magazines are on demand at this period of time this willalso help me introduce my product.How will my magazine differ from others already in existence?My magazine will differ from other magazines because i will make my magazine unique beyondothers. I will do this by introducing fresh new design and layout, I can provide new stories andgossip no other magazine can get their hands on. I can get insight in to the music world and othermy readers something new. I understand how my readers work and what they demand in mymagazine and I will deliver this to them.Which magazines do I find an inspiration?I find NME and Karrang to be the most inspiring magazines. Both these magazines match mycriteria in advertising and informing their audiences with the latest bands and music information.The use of design and composition they use on their magazines is similar to how I picture mymagazine. Also how they present their information. The genre matches to that I will be usingwhich is rock, indie. Their use of language can sometimes be informal and in other areas formal, Iwill be using the same technique for my final outcome.I will name my magazine Frets due to the fact a fret is terminology for a guitar and pert of a guitar,because my magazine is going to be in relation to rock and indie music I thought this would be asimple and necessary name to give my magazine. I will aim my magazine to a young audiencebetween the ages of 18-23, the majority of my audience will be male but overall it will be aimed atboth male and female. I have decided this from the information I gained from my survey. Mymagazine supply new and fresh opportunities and information for my readers to enjoy. It willoverall be inspiring and get young minds out there enjoying new opportunities, music and gossip.