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Content page 1


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Content page 1

  1. 1. When you look at the content page for NME The composition for this is veryyou will notice that the use of colour scheme is On the content page the head line well thought of, they have madeconsistent from what is used on the front ‘NME THIS WEEK’ is cleverly placed to it so you look from the top leftcover. By repeating the use of Red, Black and the top left hand side of the hand side and are drawnwhite it almost creates a sense of rhythm magazine, this is because it is normal towards the right and lead tothrough the magazine, this is used to lour in for the reader to look from left to the main story. The use of text isthe target audience and almost convince them right from the top of the page so very basic and easy to read, butto continue reading. Also the colours Red, placing ‘NME’ there means the reader at the same time it is bold andBlack and white are very stereotypical colours will see the logo of the magazine, this stands forward, this type of textused to portray the target audience for this is so the reader can identify the is used because it almostmagazine, this attracts most viewers. magazine before reading it. symbolises the target audience, loud, expressive, big and bold.To The left hand side of thecontent page is an added The five banners to thefeature labelled the Band right present what isIndex, this is very informative featured in the magazine,because it presents all the they direct you where tobands in the magazine and it go and inform you aboutdirects you to the page they the subjects . I have comeare on. to notice that the first thing I look at when I see this content page is the masthead, and when I look at this I follow it over towards the contents page numbers , this is intentionally done to lead the reader to the main feature and content of the magazine. It again continues to lead you round the page . The main image features the main story about the band the Kasabians, the image presents the story described in the sub-heading. The image is large and has a lot going on in it, because the colour scheme Use of advertisement to invite the features a lot of white in the background, the image audience and inform the audience. which is quit dark stands forward, suggesting this is Also is a way to make more income. the main story. Advertising things such as gigs and subscriptions, things the audience for NME are interested in.