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Analysis of movie trailer


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Analysis of movie trailer

  1. 1. Analysis of movie trailer
  2. 2. For my trailer I had to produce a range of film relevant to the theme and aim of my trailer. In order to produce my trailer had to consider all the elements necessary, for example the conventions of my trailer, I had to make sure that I kept to the Slasher horror theme , but I also had to make sure that what I filmed was effective overall. In my trailer me and my group had to understand how to construct and present our characters to allow the audience to understand each role and the gist of the movie we plan to create. For example in our trailer we had a victim and a villain, but when looking at our trailer we have made it so that the victim seems fragile and weak compared to the villain who we tried to make appear more masculine and strong to create an overpowering effect towards the victim. when making our trailer we came across some issues that we had to compromise with to achieve a suitable out come, for example the Villain in our trailer was supposed to be a large male character to fit the criteria of a strong, scary slasher villain. For my trailer we were unable to access the correct person with the right boy build, we ended up using a female as our villain but we had to make sure she was made to look bulky and strong so that she appeared as if she were a strong male. We did this because we wanted to follow the typical slasher trailer aspects, this was to allow our trailer to be a success overall. we also came across the challenge of organisation between us as a group, we all had to allow ourselves to be flexible and manage our time on this project fairly. As a result we decided on a sort of rotor allowing us to work with each other and to get fair amounts of work created between us. my main role throughout making this trailer was filming areas of the victim, for example some scenes I had to film of the victim looking lost and confused, as if she senses danger, in order to successfully capture this I had to consider camera angles and how to make the victim appear defenceless and weak, for example the use of high angles above her will make her appear as intended.
  3. 3. In this frame I have an example of how I was able to transfer my film to the Mac’s I used to edit what I and my group had produced. In order to upload the footage taken I had to connect the film to the Mac using a USB connection and transfer, once opening the footage that was of good enough quality to use, I uploaded some to the system Xilisoft Video. Xilisoft Video is a video converter. My reasons for using a video converter was so that the footage I had to edit was the right format for the use of Apple Mac video editing, for example to allow my footage to be of good quality and to enable me to use Mac’s programs I had to convert all my footage to a HD video resolution. Once I had successfully converted my footage I had to transfer the conversion to a folder labelled “Converted files”. The folder for the converted footage was produced to allow our work to be placed on the editing software to be safe and organised so we could use it appropriately.