Analysis of movie poster for trailer


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Analysis of movie poster for trailer

  1. 1. When making myposter I had toconsider how itwould be successfullyappealing toward mytarget audience.When understandingthe theme of thriller Iimmediately knewthe use of sharpedges and dark tonesin my poster wouldmake my posterappear to be a formof horror relatedmovie poster.When I was making my poster I had to be very specific towards how the imagewould appear to achieve a impact toward my audience. For example if you look tothe image on my poster you can see I have taken a image most relevant to mytrailer of the main character the villain. I used the villain in my trailer to be the mainimage on my poster due to the fact it gives my audience a look in on one of thecharacters that would be appearing in the movie, but it also allows my audience toget the fear factor from the image and to draw them in making them want to seemore about this specific character. I also used the villain on the poster cover due tothe fact this is the most scary and thrilling character in the trailer and by using thisimage I am straight away portraying the theme of thriller in my poster.In my poster I had to usedark toning to allow theappearance of dark ,scary and dangerous tobe apparent. Thebackground of my posteris black de to the factblack is very closelyrelated to horror andnightmares, but whenyou look at my posteryou can see that it is veryeffective because of howit makes the image in theposter seem almost likethe villain is amercingfrom the darkness, itgives off the idea that thevillain is coming out ofthe poster, or arriving incinemas soon. The blackbackground reallyenhances the impact theimage gives, this isbecause it helps thecontrast in the imagemaking the face appearstronger then the rest ofthe poster, this is toallow the poster not tobe too cluttered andconfusing. The blackbackground allows thered of the text to bebrought forward and tocome out to theaudience, it is very eyecatching and can draw ina audience.When thinking of the theme thriller I had to be considerate of all elements such aslighting, appearance and use of text and colour. For example when you look at the texton my poster I have specifically used sharp edged and red text. This is due to the fact Redis very closely resembled to blood and hate, this is important in my choice of colourbecause my audience will resemble this colour to horror and will understand that thetrailer is aimed toward an audience with interests in thriller, horror and gore relatedmovies. I chose a very sharp text because it could work as a phallic symbol toward thetrailer, symbolising pain and sharp objects like knifes, things generally used in horrorrelated subjects. When you look closely to the some of the text on my poster you can seethat I have edited it on photoshop to make it appear as if it has a sheen on the edges, thisagain is to enhance the appearance of sharp, cutting, knife like text. I added a releasedate on my poster due to the fact that follows the conventions of a typical horror poster,I had to make sure that it was similar to the rest of the text on the poster so that it madesense.When taking my imagefor my poster I had tothink what was goingto be most impactingfor example I had tomake the contrasteven to allow theimage to be clear butstill appear dark andhaunting. When I tookmy image I took it in adark area so that whenI edited it , it would bea lot similar tocombine it with a darkbackground. I madesome areas on theimage darker to makeit more contrasting andto give off a scaryappearance.