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Analysis of magazine front cover


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Analysis of magazine front cover

  1. 1. When making my magazine cover Ihad to consider how I would makeit appear as if it belongs to amagazine company but also how itwould be relevant to my movietrailer. On my front cover I wantedto place an image of my villainsmask, but I had to be carful doingthis, for example if I had chose touse a worms eye view of my villain Iwould have had less troubleindicating that my villain is inpowered and strong due to the factit seems as if you are looking up tohim or below him. Because I choseto use a close up view if my Villainsface I had to make sure that it wassharp and well taken to be mostimpacting. Because my movietrailer is horror based I had to makethe front cover appear menacing soI had to edit areas of my image tomake it seem dark and almost like itis immersing from the darkness. Tomake my image seem darker andmore horror related I used toolssuch as burn tool to manipulate myimage, I also changed thebrightness and contrast to makethe lighting of the image correctand more impacting.Here is my original image formy magazine cover.For my magazine I wanted to make it seemsas if it were an original magazine such asEMPIRE. I used the title EMPIRE for mymagazine but I made it so that it was in thecolour red to relate to my movie poster andthe theme of horror, this is due to the factred is resembled towards things such asblood and hate.When making thismagazine I had tomake sure I couldmanage to make it sothat my viewerwould be able tonavigate the pageaccordingly, forexample I used acontinuation f redthroughout mymagazine coverstarting from the topleading to thebottom allowing myviewers to navigatethe page. I wanted torelate some of thetext to the colour ofthe mask in theimage, for exampleTHE WALK is writtenin white to join to theimage and to alsonavigate across thebanners on the lefthand side of thefront cover.I made the banners vibrant incolour so that they would stand outand bring the story of the magazinecover forward, it is also due to thefact it leads the viewer toward theimage on the cover, and alsoleading down toward the storydescription underneath thebanners.To make my magazine seemmore legitimate I placed a barcode and the price to showconsumers.I used the colour red for other aspects such as appealtoward my audience, for example because this is based fora horror trailer I wanted to capture the attention from anaudience most interested in horror genre movies, usingthe colour red will indicate this particular genre and byusing a vibrant colour of red I am luring in my targetaudience.