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Alberto Di Minin - Open Innovation 2.0 - Findings of JRC study

My presentation on findings of my recent study supported by JRC on Open Innovation across Europe, during the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference in Amsterdam. You can find the complete report of the study here:

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Alberto Di Minin - Open Innovation 2.0 - Findings of JRC study

  1. 1. Alberto Di Minin Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
  2. 2. Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to theWorld. June22, 2015 Carlos Moedas Open innovation isabout involving far moreactorsin theinnovation process, from researchers, toentrepreneurs, to users, to governments and civil society. Thismeanscreatingtheright ecosystems, increasinginvestment, and bringingmorecompaniesand regionsinto theknowledgeeconomy. I would liketo go further and faster towards openinnovation.
  3. 3. EIBURS Project 2015-2018: Exploring Radical Innovation Practices across Europe Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Leuven University Groningen University
  4. 4. Mo r e t h a n 40 c o mpa n ies sel ec t ed
  5. 5. Research Methodology In -d ept h d es k r es ea r c h t o c o l l ec t : St r o n g g r o u n d i n g w i t h t h eo r y Mu l t i pl e c a s e s t u d y d es i g n How is O pen Innovation characterized in LEs? 3 Features 33 1. Better positioned (than SMEs) to orchestrate research partnerships 2. More likelyto give a central roleto Human ResourcesManagement 3. Likely to adopt a long–term perspective Loccioni 2068. 100 years plan
  6. 6. FOCUS ON 3 FINDINGS & 4 IDEAS 1. Local Ecosystem Built for OI 2. EmpoweringaGlobal Ecosystem ThroughOpen Relationships 3. Intellectual PropertyhelpingOI 4. FacilitatingUsers’ Involvement for OI 2.0 5. Strikebalancebetween encouragingbasic,applied research,and innovation models 6. Encouragingentrepreneursto applyOI 7. Creatingtheconditionsfor the growthand diffusionof a strongOI culture 53 7 Policy Implications
  8. 8. O I Process Management Findings [4/7] Unfocused innovation may cause distraction Lack of focuscan bea risk: ICT enables multiplemarket opportunitiesnot all of them profitable “Fallingin love" witha technology and lackingthesenseof direction togo to market lead tounsuccessful commercialization Pivotal momentsin theinnovation lifecycle: 1. Identification of a singleviable commercial application 2. Focusingresourcesonuniquevalueproposition
  9. 9. O pen Innovation Activities An increasingconvergence between open innovation and user-led innovation
  10. 10. Remaining open to new forms of OI and emerging growth models Policy Implications [6/7] Policymakers should not discard slow changesas invaluable and consider direct support for the reinvestment of profit into innovative activitiesor in definitionof OISs Policymakers should acknowledge that exponential growth isnot the only form of business development that leadsto new jobsand wealth
  11. 11. 68
  12. 12. Alberto Di Minin Chiara Eleonora De Marco Maral Mahdad m.mahdad@sssup .it Andrea Paraboschi a.paraboschi@sssu Andrea Piccaluga 14