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  1. 1. Adil RASHEED SINTEF ICT Date of Birth: 28.11.1981 Applied Mathematics Nationality: Indian Alfred Getz vei 1 NO-7465, Trondheim, Norway Cell : 41-(0)786790812 Languages: English, Norwegian, French, Hindi WORK EXPERIENCE Research Scientist SINTEF ICT, Applied Mathematics Trondheim, Norway Nov-2009 –AVINOR Project: Development of tools for the prediction of terrain induced turbulence at various Norwegian airports –SESAR Project: Integration of wake vortex prediction models into local wind and turbulence prediction system for optimizing air traffic in Europe with the aim to double flight movements by 2030 Doctoral Assistant Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland 2005-2009 –Supervision and development of Graphical User Interface for MESOSIM, a mesoscale modeling tool –Co-development of Atmospheric codes –Development of a new urban canopy model to simulate the effects of urban texture on the atmo- sphere using Large Eddy Simulation –Supervision and development of a 3-D modeling tool using gts library –Development of structured and unstructured Navier Stokes solver –Compilation of scientific reports and presentations in International Conferences –Guided architecture students in analyzing their design using building simulation tools Associate Engineer Induslogic Pvt. Ltd. Noida, India Aug-Oct 2005 – Undergone an intensive three weeks of training in advanced programming – Worked on a telecommunication project involving VOIP and SIP technologies Research Assistant Mechanical Engineering Department Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India 2004-2005 Developed CFD codes for simulating the scavenging process of a Two Stroke IC Engine Helped undergraduate students in solving partial differential equations using numerical methods Graded tutorials and exams Summer Trainee Isha Steels Heat Treatment Plant Mumbai, India May-June 2003 –Studied the heat transfer characteristics of components made of different materials using CFD –Prospects of using cogeneration in different units of the plant were also examined COMPUTER SKILLS OS: Windows, Linux, Mac Text processing: L TEX, Microsoft Office, HTML A Programming Languages: C++ , Fortran, Shell Scripting CFD and atmospheric codes: Fluent, TransAT, Envi-Met, OpenFVM, Indigenous Code Solid Modelling Softwares: Pro-Engineer, Rhinoceros, Auto CAD Building Simulation Software: ESP-r
  2. 2. Image and Video Processing Softwares: Photoshop CS3, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Lightroom ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS Institute Fine Arts Secretary, IIT Bombay – Led the institute team to victories in two major inter college fine arts events at the national level – Efficiently worked with the limited resources available to organize various events – Managed a group of ten secretaries and a workforce of about 50 people Hostel Photography and Fine Arts Secretary – Awarded the Best Office Bearer Award for my contributions – Designed the sets and stages for most of the dramatics events EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Painting – Exhibited paintings in the International Art Fair 2007 in Palexpo, Geneva – Exhibited paintings in Zurich with the Ambassador of India – Exhibited paintings in Fribourgh, Mumbai and Ranchi – Participated in the world’s biggest open air painting workshop Art Air 2007 Photography – Self learned photographer with works exhibited on my personal photoblog – Worked as a freelance club photographer for – Recently working on High Dynamic Range Imaging techniques INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS AND CONFERENCES • Rasheed A, Srli K, ”CFD analysis of Terrain Induced Turbulence at Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik”, April 2010,SINTEF Report ??? • Rasheed A, Robinson D, Clappier A, Narayanan C, Lakehal D Characterization of dispersive fluxes in Mesoscale models using LES of flow over an array of cube. Submitted to Environ- mental Fluid Mechanics • Rasheed A, Robinson D, Lakehal D, On the effects of Complex Urban Geometries on Mesoscale , International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering 2010, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA • Rasheed A, Robinson A, Clappier A, Narayanan C, Lakehal D, Representing complexities in urban geometry in Mesoscale Modeling, Submitted to the special issue of the International Journal of Climatology • Robinson D, Haldi F, Kmpf J, Leroux P, Perez D, Rasheed A, Wilke, U, From the Neighbour- hood to the city: Resource Flow Modeling for Urban Sustainability,[CISBAT 2009] • Rasheed A, Nandi K, Date AW, A Novel Experimental Set-up for Investigation of Perfect Mix- ing and Perfect Displacement Models of the Scavenging process in a Cavity, 7th World Con- ference on Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics 2009, Krakow, Poland • Rasheed A, Robinson D, Narayanan C, Lakehal D, On the effects of Complex Urban Geometries on Mesoscale, 7th International Conference on Urban Climate 2009, Yokohama, Japan • Rasheed A, Robinson D, Clappier A, Development of a New Urban Canopy Model, 7th Inter- national Conference on Urban Climate 2009, Yokohama, Japan • Rasheed A, Robinson D, ”Multiscale modeling of the Urban Climate Proc. Eleventh Int. IBPSA Conf: Building Simulation 2009, Glasgow, UK
  3. 3. • Robinson D, Haldi F, Kmpf J, Leroux P, Perez D, Rasheed A, Wilke U, ”City-Sim: Com- prehensive micro-simulation of resource flows for sustainable urban planning”, Proc. Eleventh Int. IBPSA Conf: Building Simulation 2009, Glasgow, UK • Blond N, Belalcazar LC, Rasheed A, Clappier A, Huttner S, Bruse M, Design and Test of a System to Simulate Road Traffic Emissions, Annales de lISUP 2008 • Rasheed A, Robinson D, Clappier A Investigation of the nature of the dispersive fluxes in Urban Parametrization using Large Eddy Simulation, 2008 Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts • Robinson D, Filchakova N, Kaempf J, Rasheed A, Scartezzini JL, Towards an evolutionary model of city sustainability In Holcim Forum, Beijing, 2007. • Rasheed A, Robinson D, Clappier. On the sensitivity of Building Performance to the Urban Heat Island Effect [CISBAT 2007] TECHNICAL REPORTS AND SCIENTIFIC TALKS • Talk: ”Recent developments in Turbulence Modelling”, Meteorological Institute, Oslo • PhD Thesis: Multiscale modelling of the Urban Climate, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2009 • Talk: Multiscale modelling of the Urban Climate, EPFL, Lausanne, switzerland, 2009 • Talk: Multiscale modelling of the Urban Climate, SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway, 2009 • Talk: Multiscale Modelling of the Urban Climate, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 2009 • Talk: ”A talk on new advancements in Urban Climate Modelling: Multiscale modeling of the Urban Climate, Hotel Novotel, Paris, 2009 • Final Scientific report for Swiss National Science Foundation Multiscale Modelling of Building- Urban Interactions,Project: NRP 54 Sustainable Development of the Built Environment • Rasheed A, Numerical and Experimental study of the Scavenging Process of a Two Stroke IC Engine”, Masters Thesis, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 2005 • Rasheed A, Evaluation of the performance of various Heat Transfer Enhancement Devices in a square channel, Bachelors Thesis, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Indian Institute of Tech- nology 2004