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Object oriented programming (oop) cs304 power point slides lecture 01


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this is the first lecture developed by virtual university of pakist about object oriented programming. very useful and a start from the very basics about OO modeling.

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Object oriented programming (oop) cs304 power point slides lecture 01

  1. 1. Course ObjectiveObjective of this course is to make students familiar with the concepts of object-oriented programmingConcepts will be reinforced by their implementation in C++
  2. 2. Course ContentsObject-OrientationObjects and ClassesOverloadingInheritancePolymorphismGeneric ProgrammingException HandlingIntroduction to Design Patterns
  3. 3. BooksC++ How to Program By Deitel & DeitelThe C++ Programming Language By Bjarne StroustrupObject-Oriented Software Engineering By Jacobson, Christerson, Jonsson, Overgaard
  4. 4. Marks Distribution Assignments/Quizes 10% Presentation 5% Attendance 5% Mid Term 20 %Grading PolicyMarks Range (in %) Grade Point (Value) Grade91 and above 4.0 A+85-90 4.0 A77-84 3.5 B+70-76 3.0 B60-69 2.5 C+50-59 2.0 CBelow 50 0.0 F
  5. 5. What is Object-Orientation?A technique for system modelingOO model consists of several interacting objects
  6. 6. What is a Model?A model is an abstraction of somethingPurpose is to understand the product before developing it
  7. 7. Examples – ModelHighway mapsArchitectural modelsMechanical models
  8. 8. Example – OO Model
  9. 9. …Example – OO Model lives-in Ali HouseObjects Abu Bakar drives House Car Car Tree TreeInteractions Abu Bakar lives in the house Abu Bakar drives the car
  10. 10. Object-Orientation - AdvantagesPeople think in terms of objectsOO models map to realityTherefore, OO models are easy to develop easy to understand
  11. 11. What is an Object?An object isSomething tangible (Ali, Car)Something that can be apprehended intellectually (Time, Date)
  12. 12. … What is an Object?An object hasState (attributes)Well-defined behaviour (operations)Unique identity
  13. 13. Example – Ali is a Tangible ObjectState (attributes) Name Agebehaviour (operations) Walks EatsIdentity His name
  14. 14. Example – Car is a Tangible ObjectState (attributes) - Color - Modelbehaviour (operations) - Accelerate - Start Car - Change GearIdentity - Its registration number
  15. 15. Example – Time is an ObjectApprehended IntellectuallyState (attributes) - Hours - Seconds - Minutesbehaviour (operations) - Set Hours - Set Seconds - Set MinutesIdentity - Would have a unique ID in the model
  16. 16. Example – Date is an ObjectApprehended IntellectuallyState (attributes) - Year - Day - Monthbehaviour (operations) - Set Year - Set Day - Set MonthIdentity - Would have a unique ID in the model