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Capitalizing on the synergy of the AlShall’ s expertise, know-how and resources, AlShall Morocco is able to offer a wide array of services to help our clients achieve a successful investment in Morocco. AlShall Morocco has a strong relationships with Construction experts, Information Technology experts, accountants and legal experts; this complementary expertise enables us to assemble multi-disciplinary teams frequently required for complex projects.
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AlShall Presentation

  1. 1. AlShall<br />AlShall Group Worldwide: <br /><br />AlShall Morocco Consulting & Investments<br /><br />
  2. 2. Firm Overview<br /><ul><li>Private Consulting & Investment firm that has been continuously active in Kuwait since 1981
  3. 3. Listed in the Kuwaiti Stock exchange
  4. 4. Created the first Value Index in Kuwait
  5. 5. Created AlShall Index in Qatar
  6. 6. Substantial experience in both the public and private investment sectors having closed during the last 10 years more than 25 transactions at an aggregate purchase price of approximately $2 billion
  7. 7. Retained advisor to many investment and real estate development companies in Kuwait that own and/or manage assets in excess of $5 billion.
  8. 8. Global network with offices in Kuwait, USA, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar and Soudan
  9. 9. Strategic ownership (30%) in Tharwa Investment Company, a Kuwaiti company that manages more than $500 million of assets in equity markets.
  10. 10. Invest globally in real estate related assets and select corporate opportunities.
  11. 11. Retained advisor to the Kuwaiti Public Institute for Social Security (PIFSS) for more than 10 years.</li></li></ul><li>Consulting<br />Feasibility Studies: AlShall has carried out numerous feasibility studies within diverse sectors and industries, so that a considerable regional cross sector cumulative expertise and valuable data bank was formed.<br />Strategic Planning: Assisting large companies with their long range planning<br />Business Valuation: They are essential for various business and strategic decisions such as acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, IPOs, restructuring and equity investing<br />Privatization: AlShall has acted as a prime advisor in a large number of projects within industries such as oil, recreational, retail, ports operations, and others. Moreover, it has acted as a financial advisor in numerous BOT projects which up to now forms the core of privatization within Kuwait.<br />Commercial representation: Assist Companies expand into new market.<br />
  12. 12. Corporate Finance<br />Mergers & Acquisitions: Assist businesses in identifying core competencies and synergies to execute successful strategic mergers and acquisitions<br />IPO: Assist companies list in the stock exchange<br />Carrying out the legal and financial engineering involved in IPO’s.<br />Underwriting the issue and handling the “road show”<br />Undertaking the stock exchange listing requirements and execution.<br />Market making after listing.<br />Financial Restructuring: AlShall advises its client on financial architecture and restructuring.<br />Divestitures:<br />Performing independent due diligence<br />Assessment of value<br />Development of transaction strategies<br />Negotiation with prospective buyers<br />Closing the deal.<br />
  13. 13. Research<br />AlShall provides two types of equity research to its clients<br />A periodic report that covers all listed companies, where a fundamental analysis is carried out. The reports contains AlShall opinion about the expected future performance of the companies . The report serves investors purpose about their positioning regarding the market. Moreover, Comparative analysis is performed between KSE and regional and international markets.<br /> More comprehensive research and recommendations about a selected number of stocks.<br />AlShall Weekly Economic Report: The report has been issued since 1984. It focuses on local issues with relevant regional and international content.<br />AlShall Kuwait Value index<br />AlShall Qatar Index<br />
  14. 14. Investment : Equity Markets<br />Strategic Asset Allocation: <br />AlShall offers qualified professional advice dependent on the client’s risk aversion and return expectations, thus providing comprehensive asset allocation solutions across and within global asset classes customized to the goals and specific objectives of each investor.<br />Portfolio Management:<br />AlShall’s team of professional investment analysts develop s suitable and tailored investment strategies for institutional investors . The team will manage and monitor the portfolios on behalf of clients by securing diversified products, thus enhancing returns while maintaining tolerable risk level according to client needs.<br />Mutual Fund: AlShall is licensed to create market and manage a broad range of funds:<br />Equity Funds and Fixed income Funds<br />Index Fund and Private Equity Funds<br />Money market Funds<br />Real Estate Funds<br />Hedge Funds<br />Fund of Funds.<br />
  15. 15. Investments: Private Equity<br />Establishing New Companies: AlShall’s vast knowledge and international experience enable it to engage in establishing companies in a multitude of business sectors.<br />Corporate acquisition: Acquiring a controlling interest in an operating company with financial restructuring opportunities.<br />