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15 Shades of Aditya Dhotre


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Disclaimer: This presentation has nothing to do with the movie ‘50 shades of grey’ please do not misinterpret.

Why the title is so personal; why should I share my experience about my design career?

Before I let you know the answer you should know little things about me, I would love to introduce myself as an engineering graduate; yes an engineer who engineered himself as a designer.

I don’t have design degree I’m a self-taught designer and I don’t settle in learning new things because I don’t have that black hat with a tassel which every degree holder has.

How many of you feel that you’re an engineer and you are struggling to chase your dreams?

Coming back to the title; this presentation is so personal because it will make you relate yourself and you can see some of your shades in me.
If you like it; please share this presentation.

Thank you.

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15 Shades of Aditya Dhotre

  1. 1. 15 SHADES OF A D I T Y A D H O T R E
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER This presentation has nothing to do with the movie ‘50 shades of grey’ please do not misinterpret. SHADES = THOUGHTS In this presentation, shades refer to thoughts
  3. 3. ANALYSE YOURSELF 01 We can positively influence our qualities and make a decent attempt at whatever we exceed expectations in, however, we should not be diverted with our flattered assessment of ourselves.
  4. 4. DON’T LOVE IT? DON’T DO IT! 02 We would have seen well-settled professionals who have quit their comfort jobs and turned teachers, farmers, consultants, become entrepreneurs and authours. Instead of changing your mind later; why not choose what you love and do what you like.
  5. 5. CHASING HAPPINESS 03 Keep in mind, sadness and adversity are not to be despised or something to be afraid of; they enrich human character. They inspire us with grit and make life worth living.
  6. 6. 04 LET GO OF FEARS Start by figuring out how to acknowledge yourself as you seem to be, Learn to be happy with all your disturbances, weaknesses, blemishes and soon you will feel better.
  7. 7. VALUE YOURSELF 05 A little bit of self-assessment will take you on the long road to self-discovery. Once the process starts, you will discover the responses to the majority of your issues, instead of feeling persecuted.
  8. 8. DESTROY THE EGO 06 Never consider yourself very seriously. We all create egos because we acquire a very serious picture of ourselves as we become more established and we don’t prefer to be made fun of.
  9. 9. BE DETACHED 07 We get moved by emotions because we allow ourselves to participate and get entangled by happenings. We must become like true mystics who transcend all feelings, Love or Hatred, Happiness or Unhappiness. In short we must become detached.
  10. 10. DISCOVER YOURSELF 08 Discover yourself and follow your heart. Do not lose hope, but be inspired by life. And look within yourself for that spark of inspiration. Do not borrow it.
  11. 11. TRANSFORM YOURSELF 09 Admiration and jealousy are reactions that direct us to what we value most. Also when we get to be mindful of what we value, we are much better positioned to create a life that’s richly satisfying.
  12. 12. BRAND YOURSELF 10 One should build an unbreakable reputation; your identity should distinguish one from the rest of the crowd. Such an identity could be construed as the style/personality/image of a person that sets them apart.
  13. 13. ACCEPT MISTAKES 11 It is the willingness to learn from our failures is the critical difference between successful people and the not-so-successful ones.
  14. 14. ENVISION YOURSELF 12 Envisioning yourself as something big in your life can create a fundamental shift in the way you perceive your world. Instead of being a passenger why not become a pilot and take responsibility for your own directions.
  15. 15. TAKE A BREAK 13 The most impactful thing I’ve decided to do is to take a week off every quarter - usually a relaxing spot, however its generally an excursion as opposed to a staycation. Try to invest 100% of your time relaxing and strictly no gadgets. Whenever I return, I’m always refreshed.
  16. 16. BE AN ADVENTURER 14 One must allow the clock and the schedule to blind ourselves to the way that every snippet of our life is a miracle and puzzle.
  17. 17. BE PART OF A COMMUNITY 15 Community of like-minded people is one of the most essential components to enhance your skills. Stretch yourself beyond your network of colleagues to connect with other diverse creatives who will inspire you. Be active in seeking out a community where you can share best practices.
  18. 18. F O R Y O U R P A T I E N C E THANK YOU
  19. 19. GET CONNECTED A B O U T . M E / A D I D H O T R E