Sidewalk Sales Best Practices-with VM


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Updated VM on sidewalk sales best practices

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Sidewalk Sales Best Practices-with VM

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICES - STORES Sidewalk Sales Sales Floor Overview (What): Sidewalk Sales are used to increase sales volume. Objective (Why): Sidewalk Sales liquidate merchandise that is marked down, red tagged, or has broken size runs at an accelerated rate. Process defined (How): Mall Management: •Contact mall management and the District Manager (DM) to make them aware of participation. •Review mall sidewalk rules and guidelines. •Let mall management know you would like to appear on the mall website, food court tables, or any other advertising that is being used if Marketing has not already done so. •Let Mall Management know you will be outside every day during the sale during store business hours or until it becomes dark. Marketing: •Partner with Marketing for flyers to pass out to consumers directing them inside store for additional promotions. •Complete a Marketing Request form and submit to the DM for follow-up. •The Marketing Request form can be found in the Operations Portal => Sales Floor => Forms. Scheduling: •Ensure adequate staffing to support merchandising prior to opening the store. •Ensure adequate staffing both inside and outside the store during event. •In addition to staff inside the building, at least one employee must be present outside at all times. •Have registers staffed directly inside the entrance closest to the event location. •Have a backup plan in the event of poor weather that forces event inside store. Sales Floor 2.24 – 6/2009 RETAIL
  2. 2. BEST PRACTICES - STORES Sidewalk Sales Sales Floor Visual Merchandising: •Audit sales floor merchandise for all product that is “sidewalk sale price point” set by mall management. •Follow gender split guidelines outside to mirror inside the store. •Ensure all rounders are organized according to VM standards. •Use price point toppers to sign the rounders, and mega toppers of the category or gender. •Comply with all ADA standards for spacing, etc. •Secure all un-boxed footwear with zip ties. All footwear should be merchandised on a table. •If women’s and men’s product is merchandised on the same table, ensure there is 6” of space between the 2 genders. •Have additional merchandise organized and ready to fill racks and tables as merchandise is sold. This should be staged on rolling racks in the stockroom. •Organization of the sidewalk space is dependant on the amount of space allocated by the mall management. Use the layout on the following pages to organize the sidewalk space. Sidewalk Sale FAQs: •Q: Can we take additional markdowns on product that is out of season? A: No. We have been very aggressive on out of season product, because clearing out old product is a major emphasis for the company this year. With margin dollars being below our budget, at this time, we will need stores to present currently marked down product for sidewalk sale events. •Q: Can we sell remaining tent inventory? A: Yes. Any leftover tent sale inventory that doesn’t sell on the sidewalk will have to be re-inventoried before it can be used for the next tent sale. If the store quarantines the leftover tent product and doesn’t sell any between tent sales, the store can just submit their ending inventory from tent sale #1 as beginning inventory for tent sale #2. •Q: what do I do if we don't have tables A: Malls have been offering tables at a minimal cost, use this option if it's available to you. If not, you can place a table order through DDS as a permanent part of your fixture inventory. Sales Floor 2.24 – Continued RETAIL
  3. 3. Sidewalk Sale: Large space allocated by mall management. RETAIL
  4. 4. Sidewalk Sale: Medium sidewalk space allocated by mall management. RETAIL
  5. 5. Sidewalk Sale: Small sidewalk space allocated by mall management. RETAIL