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Different Types Of Automated Tests


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Let’s see the most used types of tests and understand how each one is useful. We will write live code, and we will discuss automated tests written.
The types of tests covered are:
Unit Tests = Tests in isolation, focused on methods and classes. White box tests.
Integration Tests = Tests about how two different modules integrate. Black box tests.
Integrated Tests = Big, large tests showing how many modules integrate, with a business purpose. Black box tests.
Acceptance Tests = Tests showing that an application features behaves well. Black box tests.
Contract Tests = Special type of tests, that verify polimorphism integration of multiple components or classes.
We will focus on clean code, good test names that can become executable specifications.

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Different Types Of Automated Tests

  1. 1. Different Types Of Automated Tests by Adrian Bolboacă www.mozaicworks.comTalk outline:
  2. 2. Me Adi Bolboacă Programmer, Trainer, Coach @adibolb
  3. 3. A story about: Programming Testing Business Product Development There will be code!
  4. 4. Let's see Some tests Let's have a dialogue I prefer discussions rather than me talking
  5. 5. Pyramid of Tests
  6. 6. Pyramid of Tests Can be different for each project The priority of tests is your decision You choose which tests to use The fast tests are at the bottom The slower tests are towards the top Changes depending on project stage
  7. 7. Manual Testing Create high level test plan Write detailed test cases Testers ruch each case manually Generate test report Black | White | Grey box testing Static | Dynamic testing
  8. 8. Automated Testing Use software to execute tests For repetitive testing tasks Needs testable architecture & design Faster feedback for product sanity Need good structure & clarity Testers, Programmers, Ops involved
  9. 9. Unit Tests White box Isolated, run in memory Focused on methods and classes Very fast, miliseconds Any slow system call not unit tests→ Written by programmers Technical purpose
  10. 10. Unit Tests A leukocite Many leukocites form the immune system Each leukocite is independent of the other All leukocites respect the same rules & have the same purpose
  11. 11. Integration Tests Black box Check how two modules integrate Focused on APIs Slow Test one API feature at a time Writen by programmers / testers Technical purpose
  12. 12. Integration Tests
  13. 13. Integration Tests A module is: Independent Replaceable Clear & Has a single responsibility
  14. 14. Integrated Tests Black box Big, tests showing how many modules integrate Written by programmers Business purpose
  15. 15. Acceptance Tests Black box Showing a features works well Focused on final user needs Automate happy paths mainly Written by testers Business purpose
  16. 16. Acceptance Tests Do you respect the medical acceptance criteria: • Blood pressure • Cholesterol • Blood sugar index • ...
  17. 17. Contract Tests White Box Verify polymorphic integration of multiple components Minimize number of tests Maximize system clarity at boundaries Technical & Business purpose Written by programmers
  18. 18. Contract Tests All the leukocites need to respect the same rules: contract Not respecting the contracts → disease
  19. 19. Contract Tests An automated way to check for systemic malfunctions on individuals respecting the same contract
  20. 20. Testing Strategy A structured focus on product testing Involves all the roles Boundaries between tests Audience for tests Precedence of tests Testablity metrics Expected tests performance
  21. 21. What’s Next Automated Tests Purposes Writing Good Unit Tests
  22. 22. What’s Next Let’s pair here at the conference OR Remote pairing with Teamviewer, Skype, etc
  23. 23. What’s Next Un-conferences: SoCraTes Germany I T.A.K.E. Unconference Bucharest Code Freeze Finland (Lapland)
  24. 24. Contact Me Email: Twitter: @adibolb Eventrix: LinkedIn: Slideshare: Blog:
  25. 25. Extend your mentoring & training capacity Accelerate learning through communities of practice Grow your functional leaders and top talents @adibolb
  26. 26. Thank you!