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Behind Agile Practices


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There are many Agile practices around there. But most of them have some reasons that are not very well known. The talk is about cross-functional teams, hand-offs, communication biases and new hypes.

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Behind Agile Practices

  1. 1. Behind Agile Practices Adi Bolboacă Programmer, trainer, coach @adibolb Aythor of Coderetreat Book
  2. 2. Why Cross functional teams?
  3. 3. Why Cross functional teams? Less hands-offs Less documentation of hand-off More communication face-to-face Features are done faster
  4. 4. Cross functional team is difficult Understand what others do Empathy Care Same human values Assertive communication style
  5. 5. Rituals Scrum Meetings Wedding Baptise Funeral Weekend lazyness Go out for a drink every Wednesday evening What do they have in common?
  6. 6. Rituals All rituals have a purpose Is the purpose appropriate for your context? Did you choose the correct ritual? Rituals create habbits Good habbits create performance Bad habbits hinder performance
  7. 7. Habbits Typically a habbit results after doing the same thing over 20-30 days without stopping
  8. 8. Group decision Inintentional Blindness Problem solving in groups Review Post-incident investigation Introduce new ideas
  9. 9. Group decision In decision making we don’t use so much of information we think we do Decisions are made on partial information Systems and rituals help individuals focus on better decision making
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Hypes Agile Estimates Scaling
  12. 12. Agile. Why? The world is faster The business wants features faster No time for 2 years waterfall projects Plenty of change Feedback loops
  13. 13. Estimates. Why? Don’t estimate, just work until done Split the work in same items of batches Estimate in hours and improve Estimate in story points and learn
  14. 14. Scaling. Why? The BIG project Client is BIG Many team members Scale horizontal or vertical?
  15. 15. I'm guilty for this talk! Adi Bolboacă Programmer, trainer, coach @adibolb