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Architectural Kata @Agileworks Bucharest 2013 01 17


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Architectural Kata @Agileworks Bucharest 2013 01 17

  1. 1. Architectural Kata
  2. 2. Me Adi Bolboaca
  3. 3. Today Find "What is architecture?" Architecting in real-time Find when the architecture doesn't work How to change it when necessary I will not teach you architecture
  4. 4. How Split in groups of 5 persons Take 30 minutes to create an architecture Present your architecture to the others Be prepared to defend your ideas Ask questions for the other architectures
  5. 5. Rules Focus on non-functional requirements Clarify the project with the instructor Make assumptions about technologies Clearly define your assumptions You can use any technology The team members do not know each other Ask for any other rules
  6. 6. Recommendations Ask a lot of questions Do not talk too much, start working Make sure everyone's ideas are used
  7. 7. I'll have the BLT Description: a national sandwich shop wants to enable "fax in your order", but over the Internet instead Users: millions+ Requirements: users will place their order, then be given a time to pick up their sandwich and directions to the shop (which must integrate with Google Maps); if the shop offers a delivery service, dispatch the driver with the sandwich to the user; mobile-device accessibility; offer national daily specials; offer local daily specials; accept payment online or in person/on delivery
  8. 8. Presentation Team: present your architecture Audience: ask questions
  9. 9. Agile Dead Trees Description: a publisher wants to unify its authoring CMS and customer store experience. Users: dozens of publisher employees, hundreds of authors, thousands/millions of customers. Requirements: authors publish chapters; reviewers see the chapters, make review comments, and notify authors on review; authors can reject proposed review changes; customers can buy books (either e-form or dead trees form) online, including those available in "beta"; publisher can push authors' chapters to those customers who bought the "beta".
  10. 10. Presentation Team: present your architecture Audience: ask questions
  11. 11. Retrospective How was it? What would you do differently?
  12. 12. More info Ted Neward about the architectural katas s.aspx Find more katas at
  13. 13. Contact me Unit testing workshop Remote pair-programming TDD workshop Refactoring workshop Working FAST and safe with existing code Code retreat @adibolb
  14. 14. Architectural Kata @adibolb Extend your mentoring & training capacity Accelerate learning through communities of practice Grow your functional leaders and top talents
  15. 15. Architectural Kata Q&A, Beer & More...