Wildlife Packages Will Leave You Thrilled On Your India Tours


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Wildlife Packages Will Leave You Thrilled On Your India Tours

  1. 1. Wildlife Packages Will Leave You Thrilled On Your India ToursIndia - a mystic land of many colors and a blend of many cultures is located in south Asia. Thisincredible country is a popular tourist destination blessed with a diversified geographicaldemography. Travelers who visit India get mesmerized with its numerous beaches, vast and loftymountains, sun-kissed deserts and wonderful hospitality of its people. India has more than 80national parks and 440 wildlife sanctuaries that certainly act as a carnival for the wildlife lovers.Spending a holiday in Indian forests is a good thrilling adventure. Traveling into the animalterritory is like coming closer to the purest form of nature. Seeing wild animals from just atouching distance can be enthralling. India is blessed with many such wildlife parks wherein onecan visit and generate a sense of excitement like never before. Every wildlife park in India actsas a one of its kind as it has certain aspects to offer to a traveler. Some examples include CorbettPark, Bhagalpur Park, the Dachigam Park, vast Sunderban and the great Himalayan NationalPark. Every wildlife park in India has something new to offer.There are numerous things on needs to take along while deciding to visit a wildlife safari. Theseinclude a large brimmed hat that protects the head and face from heat of the sun. Always wearkhaki or beige colored clothes and avoid bright colors; one should also keep health care thingshandy. A sunscreen to counter sun burns, UV protected sunglasses, a pair of sturdy walkingboots and a mosquito repellent crème should be carried along with. The other items such as acamera, binoculars or a guidebook can always prove useful in a wildlife safari.There are a number of wildlife parks in the northern India, such as Corbet National Park, DuhavaNational Park and The Great Himalayan Park. The great Himalayan Park is situated in HimachalPradesh and is well known for its exotic species as well as the flora and fauna. This park is wellequipped with several tourist facilities like the information center and tourist center and offersplenty of options for everyone including bird watchers and wildlife viewers. In winters the snowleopards and Nilgiri Tahr are seen in the lower reaches of this park.Another North Indian Wildlife park is the Dachigam National Park, which is one of the mostbeautiful parks in the country. Some of the rarest species are found in the Dachigam NationalPark. The Park is the only habitat for the Hangul (Kashmiri Stag). There are more than 150species of beautiful birds in the Dachigam Park.Panna National Park, Pench National Park, Kanha National Park, Bhandavgar are some of thewildlife parks in south India. Panna National Park is very famous for its wild cats, tigers, deerand antelopes. This park embellishes the countryside with pristine waters and some springs thatprovide drinking water for those animals. The Pench National Park is famous for its Pench TigerReserves.
  2. 2. The nature’s magnificence at its very best, wealth of water birds, a number of species and lotsmore can be found in India. Adventure reaches its new heights when one gets in touch with thewildlife in India. The Wildlife Safari in India promises a cherishing experience.Adiba Khan is an expert author to writing informative articles on different parts of Indian Traveland tourism. Also write a portal for India tours where one can find info on India WildlifeTours and get the best Trip to India. Explore: - http://www.indiatouritinerary.com