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Trip report of Summer University 2013 in Germany


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This is a trip report of my participation to Summer University at HAW in Weiden, Germany which was held at 12th-24th September 2013. I was a delegate from State Islamic University Sultan Syarif kasim Riau, Indonesia. This Summer School topic is Renewable energy. entrepreneurship/leadership. In this report I share all of my story about my activities in that program as well my overall journey experience in Germany and some other country in Europe.

My participation was funded/sponsored by some parties including university (UIN Suska Riau), faculty (Education and teacher training faculty UIN Suska Riau), Goverment of Bengkalis regency, culture and tourism board of Riau province, company (MI Swaco), families and some other personal funder such as from several alumni of HMI and so on.

I thank you so much for all kindness given by parties mentioned above. Lastly, I hope you get some learning from the material and a lot of best things in this report. happy reading!

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