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Minutes romania 2011

  1. 1. MINUTES of ADHER Partner Meeting Cluj-Napoca, 16 April 2011In attendance 1. Eniko Gaspar (RO) 4. Michele Bettarelli (IT) 7. Aurimas Rapecka (LT) 2. Marc Pillich-Wright (RO) 5. Anna Martinelli (IT) 8. Effi Makri (GR) 3. Vahide Bahar Zengin (TR) 6. Nerute Kligiene (LT) 9. Katerina Kanakari (GR)Agenda 1. Discussion and confirmation of the date for the final meeting in Samsun, Turkey. 2. Discussions about the dissemination plan and materials of the project. (Nerute Kligiene). 3. “Let us work together”- presentation on how to edit the ADHER website. (Aurimas Rapecka). 4. Closure of the meeting.Discussion and confirmation of the date for the final meeting in Samsun, TurkeyBahar proposed the date for the final meeting in Samsun to be on the first (4-6 July 2011) or second (11-13 July2011) week of July, 2011. She also proposed to hold the meeting in working days, not at weekends, due toincreased numbers of tourists.Marc said that for the Romanian team both dates/weeks are ok.Nerute (Lithuania) would like to opt for the first week of July as on the second week they have to attend some otheractivities.Michele (Italy) said they are not sure they will attend the last meeting from Samsun, but asks Bahar to send themevery detail about the meeting and they will give a final answer after that.Katerina (Greece) said both weeks are ok for them.Bahar asks those who haven’t give her a final answer at the meeting, to do it by e-mail as soon as possible.Discussions about the dissemination plan and materials of the project: (Nerute Kligiene)Nerute presented the dissemination plan of the ADHER project:PDF Booklet version and leaflets:She said the booklet in PDF is just a draft version and it should be finalized with final data. Partners agreed tofinalise the English version of the booklet and leaflets by the end of June. Nerute asked Marc to proof-readthe English version and make changes if/where possible. Marc said he agrees to proof-read both the booklet andleaflet.Dissemination Website (www.adher.mii.lt):Nerute said the Lithuanian team decided to host the dissemination website.She also gives some practical advice in order to have a proper website as an end product: - Every team should find the UNESCO Kit for teachers and upload it in their own national language; - If we want to introduce text with “copy-paste” function, we should use simple editors (e.g. notepad), not complex ones (like Microsoft Word); - Picture quality for the online version should be 72 dpi, whilst for the printable version 300 dpi are required; - Downloads that should be available on each partner page on the website are: UNESCO Kit for teachers (in each language), Booklet (in English, now under construction), Leaflets (in English and local versions);
  2. 2. - The websites structure is as follows: Main Site ------ Access to partner 1/2/3 etc. with passwords ------ English version ------ National version - Additional functionalities on the website: personalized documents (business card, envelope, cover for documents, ADHER brand page etc.)Every partner has to finalise its own pages on the website (translate the English version in own language), followingthe instructions of Aurimas.Partners agreed that the pilot online version should be finalised by the end of April.Nerute also said that the website will be hosted at their institution and will be available for an indefinite period oftime for dissemination and sustainability.“Let us work together”- presentation on how to edit the ADHER website (Aurimas Rapecka)Aurimas presented the website and gives instructions on how all partners should complete/fill in their own parts.Main instructions are: - Every partner has it’s own password and can login with that password to make changes, to complete or to add to it’s own pages; - The structure of the websites functionalities, at the moment of creation are very similar to Microsoft Word’s functionalities; - Main items (new pages) are added/named with the H1 button, sub-items are named H2, H3, etc; - Images can be added like this: Click on the item part where you want to add the images –> Go to “Images”, than browse the image you want to add from your computer and upload it; - Downloadable files can be added like this: Go to “Downloads”, than browse the files that you want to add and upload it; - You can always change the name of items or sub-items in “edit mode”, by putting a new name to that specific item or sub-item; - You can always delete some text parts/images etc. by simply deleting it using your keyboard;Nerute said that every partner can appeal to Aurimas and Nerute for help, while filling in the website pages or in thecase of possible problems encountered.Marc also offered his help for proof reading of English version pages in the case this is needed by partners.Closure of the meetingEniko made a summary of all discussed matters and reminded once again the main responsibilities and deadlinesfor completing those responsibilities.She also asked the participants to send the comments about Romanian meeting and any photos taken in Romaniaduring the mobility.Bahar also asked everybody to send her the comments regarding the first mobility organised in Samsun.Marc thanked everybody for the participation and closed the meeting.