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Adher agenda gr

  1. 1. AGENDA ADHER Adopt Your Heritage Meeting 25.06.2010 to 28.06.2010 MilosDay one June 26th Conference Center George Eliopoulos9.00 Reception9.30 Welcoming9.45 The Cultural Heritage of Milos, Cyclades overview10.15 Presentations of Partner organisationsEach organization will present the work undertaken containing the following points1) cultural heritages in the region 2) the public awareness in the topic 3) educational tools4) list of the important cultural heritages at risk of disappearing at locallevel5)importance of cultural heritages in public life as a means of local development andeducational measures to be taken6) legal situation for conservation of heritage in each country( Each organization approx. 20 to 25 mins)11.00 to 11.30 Coffee Break14.00 Lunch Break15.00 to 16.30 Workshop -Curricula, Leaflet to be produced, work division-exchange of good practices and methodologies among countries,- defining the responsibilities for every partner for the next 2 months,- expressing ideas about promotion measures to increase civil society involvement,- analysis of problems about cultural heritages at local level,- making studies on “ADOPT YOUR HERITAGE” booklet,- evaluating the workshop and the meeting by the participants18.00 Visit to Folk Museum of Miloswith discussion: impact of traditions on today’s life19.00 Stroll in Traditional village Plaka/ Kastro20.30. Dinner Tripiti
  2. 2. Day two June 26th Visit of Cultural Heritage Milos9.00 to 13.00 TourCatacombs, Ancient Theatre (Efessos Turkey and Milos Greece are the onlyancient theatres built next to the sea!!!) Sarakiniko beach, Ancient town FylakopiBreak Traditional Fisshing Village PolloniaVisit of Traditional Food Shop13.00 Lunch Break14.00 Free touring20.30 Dinner in traditional Greek Taverna>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dear Partners,hereby I would like to send you the Agenda for the 3rd Adher meeting days June26th and June 27th on Milos Island. We are looking forward to meeting you!The hotel is called Captain Georgantas it is situated right in the center of Adamas, the harbor village. It is 5 mins onfoot from the harbor. But you will be picked up from harbor or airport if wehave the exact arrival dates. Upon your arrival on the evening of 25th we willmeet you in the hotel at 19.00 to go for dinner.Finally we will be only a small group, together with Mewcat 15 to 16 people, butwe do our best to make our meeting as successful as the previous ones!For the partners who will not participate we can show their Presentations, bestin PP format. Please send the Presentations to me as soon as possible.We included one tour to Milos most important cultural sites into theprogramme, which will take approx. 4 hours in total and you will be mainlyoutside, please be sure to have a hat for the sun and comfortable, not slipperyshoes! Also for the ones who want to enjoy a swim, bring your swim suit, thereare beaches in walking distance from the hotel.Partners who want to pay by bank transfer, please find the account detailsbelow. Please let me know if you need the invoice in paper format or by email.
  3. 3. The total price per person is 280 Euro. We tried very hard not to bring theprice up, because transfers etc get more expensive for less people...National Bank of GreeceMilos Branch TriovasalosGR 84800 Milosaccount number IBAN GR4801102920000029260138135Swift BIC ETHNGRAAaccount holder Yvonne von BeckI wish you a safe trip and am happy to meet you soon! If you need some moreinfo please let me know. Here my mobile +30 6944836530best regards YvonneYvonne von BeckMewcatGR 84800 Milosphone +30 22870 41520mobile