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http://markpatey.podbean.com/2014/01/08/adhd-15-a-new-year-a-new-you/ - Our super-heros, Mark and Miah, take on the new year. News Years goals are a bi#@!. Where does motivation come from? What's success? Beliefs are Taught, Bought, or Caught. AND another "Uneducated" segment to upset the masses, while somehow propelling you forward with a new perspective.

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A new year a new you

  1. 1. New things, New year Mark: Happy New Year Miah! Miah: Happy New Year! And now… Distracted with Mark Patey! Mark: And Miah Johnson… Miah: And it’s New Year… and I’m very excited about this year. This is gonna be like the best year ever! Mark: This is gonna be best dot year dot com ever. Miah: Epic year! Hash tag coolest day ever! Mark: So the fun thing about the New Year is that we all get too excited about the person who we think we’re gonna be this year. We let ourselves down last year.
  2. 2. Start of a good year Miah: As we forget about what we turned into. Mark: You know the year starts, and of course the gym is full of everybody. Miah: Good job. Mark: I’m not taking away; I’m not making fun of them I’m just saying that’s just the reality. I skipped the whole first month of working out the New Year because it’s a waste of time. You can’t find anything to work out on. Miah: You know if you start February first, and you go to the gym everyone around thinks “Oh my gosh this guy’s for real, he’s been going… he’s still here and it’s February first.” Mark: Yeah, this guy is legit. He’s committed.
  3. 3. Goals of the year Miah: So what I do is actually start like January 23rd and like wow, this guy’s been here all year round. Mark: And what I do is not go. Miah: Well in all honesty, I do have… I’m not a big believer in… sorry, I shouldn’t say this… I’m not a big practicer in writing down your goals and writing down sub goals of goals and write sub goals of sub goals of your goals. Mark: Yeah, coz you don’t want to let yourself down on paper. Miah: Right. Mark: It wasn’t a real goal. I heard that for one, it wasn’t a real goal unless you write it down and that’s why I don’t write it down because if I write it down, I’ll feel horrible. If I just leave it in the back of my head, I go, oh yea I can’t feel bad about letting myself down on that coz it wasn’t a real goal. I didn’t even write it down.
  4. 4. Thinking big Miah: I do have a friend who has a habit of writing in a notebook. And he writes things down and he likes to just put lines through them after he accomplish them. Mark: Good for him. I mean that’s awesome. But what I do every year is I just kind of think, you spoke, who you wanna be this year and I really like to think in bigger terms. We talked about that before the show and… Miah: I thought you said that at the intro. Mark: No, the intro of the show is A New Year, A New You. Question Mark… So that’s gonna be A New Year, A New You? Miah: New you? Mark: The raised pitch voice implies a question so yeah, go on Miah.
  5. 5. Quitting on Soda Miah: For me, I’m like okay, I wanna be… every year I wanna be a little bit healthier, and to that extent…but something interesting, so there was a few years, I didn’t drink any soda like caffeine, I’m a big Mountain Dew guy. Mark: Dude that’s hardcore. I’ve successfully quit soda; I mean permanently quit soda four times. By permanent, I mean semi-permanent. For almost a year that time, each time I done it. Miah: And this is a very shameless plug for pure clarity but the pure clarity boosts so, I’ve been… five days now, no 32 ounce diet Mountain Dew four times a day, you know, whatever and just cold turkey on the caffeine energy drinks and mountain dew and the pure clarity of boost, so I noticed two days ago I was sitting, I took it, I was doing some work, and I had my supplements, and I just had a really clear good warm, I can’t explain the feeling which is really subtle just clarity… I mean pure clarity is the name of the product but anyway… Mark: It’s accurate in its description.
  6. 6. Caffeine Addict Mark: Well I’m using the pure clarity calm, because I’m still such a caffeine addict. I’ve tried the pure clarity with energy boost and I like it I had the same clarity of mind and motivation and droppenings, but I had an energy that made it hard to sit down. And I think it’s just too much to take pure clarity with energy boost and drink 6 64 ounce Diet Doctor Pepper’s a day. I think that’s too much. Miah: Yeah. Mark: So I’m going to try the once again get off the caffeine and do the pure clarity with energy boost but right now I love the pure clarity calm. Miah: I was 2 years no caffeine. Up until a year and a half ago, about two years ago and then pull some allnighters and just get to this downward spiral and on other side note, just for conversation, so we can get off pure clarity, so we switched Jonah, my 9 year old, from calm to boost. But you know Jonah. Mark: Yes, he’s ADHD, and he’s got the hyper active component.
  7. 7. Edge of no return Miah: Right, and so with calm, emotionally, he seemed like a very conflicted kid, like with calm, everything will just push him over the edge of no return and parents out there, you know what I’m talking about and some of you guys out there, we have this edge of no return to where you cannot reason with a child. Mark: Everything’s a disaster. Miah: Everything is life ending, right? Mark: Right. Miah: And after a week of switching him over and my wife and I were like, okay boost plus Jonah equals no way. This is gonna be awful. So his energy level did actually pump up a slight notch but positive energy it’s a fact that it’s a mood and behavior because it’s how he’s metabolizing that…
  8. 8. Self medicate with caffeine Mark: Well I noticed when he came over for our Christmas kind of get together thing, he was sitting over there in the computer and he was playing mine craft which I don’t get. And he was playing there and you said Jonah can you get this and this and this done? And he’s like, sure dad no problem. I’m like, whoah, who is that kid? I do not know this kid. Miah: We call him the humpf monster. Like humpf. Mark: You know, what’s interesting is you have a hyper-active kid, and we’ve had people with you know the hyper active kids that take the calm and they love it especially when it’s bed time and stuff, but you have a hyper active kid that did so much better on the pure clarity with boost which actually does make sense as well to me because so many people with ADHD self-medicate with caffeine. And yeah so it does make sense.
  9. 9. Keep working on Miah: We could be really mean and do a two-hour podcast. Mark: Yeah, how is that treadmill now? Just go until the podcast is done. Don’t stop podcast not over. Keep working out. You’ll hit that New Year’s resolution. So I think we’re just gonna keep doing what we’re doing and we’ll try a roughly 30-minute program and when they end up at 45, they end up at 45. Miah: And I just actually texted our guy, and our YouTube Channel will be up shortly so we’re now also gonna be posting up at YouTube. We’ll let you know on that. Mark: Yea that would be fun then when we’re doing crazy obscene things, you know and rude faces at each other as we’re talking, the whole world can see it. Okay so first let’s understand that as you go into this New Year, and some of you listening to this, coz we’re a few days into the New Year, you may have already let yourself down. Congratulations, you can now move on. Congratulations, accept that you’re human. We now know that you’re not an alien species it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. So success, it’s so easily measured financially. And so I think, by default, when people talk about success they think about money, it’s also important.
  10. 10. Finding success Mark: We want to be successful, we want to make a lot of money and so today, just for clarifications we talk about finding success in this New Year, a new you being successful with your ADHD gifts and curses. When I say success, though I may use money as the go-to examples, know that what we want to talk about are universally applicable, money is just so easily quantified and measured and intangible but success for you can be fitness, it can be time with your kids, it can be habits, whatever it is so let’s understand we’re not talking about just about money here, that’s just an instinct thing. But money is important for a lot of us and the New Year we say okay, I wanna make more money this year, I wanna advance in my job. So, by the way, our uneducated segment today, everyone seems to love those sends us ideas of some things they want us to tackle every now and then we’re going, what’s our uneducated segment today? We got to come up with something but we’ve got a good one this year that so applies so uneducated, stay it tuned ‘til the end coz we’re really gonna offend some people and uneducate you on the thing you’ve been taught that are so completely wrong and you need to be uneducated for your benefit and future growth especially going through new year and trying to find success. So number 1, success has been taken out of the abstract and Miah this is something you brought up before, you know it’s kind of our pre-show prep, talk about that.
  11. 11. Defining success Miah: Well success cannot be like a pirate’s treasure under the sea that only exist in myths and in possible exploration and that you may or may not find it. So there’s a saying: success breathes success, right? Mark: Which is absolutely true. That is just true. Miah: But success cannot just exist as an abstract thought. A lot of times our goals are just that way and how you define success can instantly make it real for you in your past life or can make it never attainable for you no matter what you do. For example, if you define success as you know, being married to Barbara Bush. Mark: It’ll never happen. Miah: It will never happen. As bad as I want it… Mark: Yes I know, you think she’s beautiful and I get it, she’s a beautiful lady.
  12. 12. Reaching success Miah: Don’t ask me where that came from. Mark: It’s the ADHD brain reaching… Miah: I was actually gonna say like this, one of the top models, my wife might be listening so it was the exact opposite of the top model. Mark: We’re sorry Barbara Bush, we know you’re listening to this show and he didn’t mean to offend you, he really does think you’re attractive. Miah: So success cannot exist in the abstract. Once you realize success, and once you have picked it from the tree, put it in your hand and take a big bite of it, it is real. Mark: And it finally becomes real. And then you realize I can climb a higher tree and get more fruit. Miah: I can do that again. That’s right.
  13. 13. Success breathes success Mark: And here’s another point, if at all, you somehow believe that it’s unobtainable for you, no matter how hard you work at it, there’s a belief inside that you will never reach that, you won’t. You’ll become your own worst enemy. You will sabotage your own future results. So the important thing here is to recognize how important it is to feel the statement earlier that success breathes success. And success in any level breathes success on the next level, it graduates. I have a little different definition of success and it’s overly simplified and I think it’s why it’s been such a good thing for me to always look ut but success for me is nothing more than a direction. It cannot be anything more than direction. because if success is something down the road that you have to get all these things done and you’re finally achieving and like say yeah! Successful! Then you get to celebrate only once and it’s the celebration of successes in progress that motivate you so when we say success breathes success there’s two ways that does it, and maybe more but right above that. When you succeed at anything, I think of a good salesman that comes in a new job and he has the best week ever and gets this big paycheck and goes oh my gosh, may hard works pays off, that next week, he’s the most hard working man in the office. And he does better in it, and so that breathes on itself. I worry when people set goals, set ideas of success that are out there, and because we need, and I think especially the ADHD personality, we are an instant gratification kind of a creature. We need that reward now, we need an out a boy, tell us god job, tell us it was awesome, tell us it was great. We feed on that and it’s not because we’re insecure – we are. We are a little insecure. Go ahead Miah.
  14. 14. Success is a direction Miah: Oh boy I’m just thinking back of observing you and Suzie on New Year’s Eve having a conversation and getting into it a little bit when you were just looking for an out a boy and Suzie wasn’t just giving it to you. You got a little upset and then you explain to her I’m just looking for an out a boy. I’m not gonna go in to detail but you guys were just going back and forth like I know exactly what Mark is trying to say and Suzie just hasn’t picked it up yet. Mark: All she has to say is Mark, you are a handy man to have around. That’s all I needed. All we ever need is someone to give us the out a boy and that breathes success. It motivates us on a big level and so as soon as you think and define a New Year’s resolution as a particular end goal, you’ve already failed, I believe. You’ve let yourself down. I mean it’s not you shouldn’t do it. I don’t wanna take that away from everybody or the ten million authors that write books that tell you to set those goals, I’m just saying celebrate and recognize that more important than anything else, success is a direction. Are you or are you not in the right direction and if you’re not, turn it around and take care of that today and now you’re in the right direction. Today. Out a boy. Good job. And freakintastic! Who cares if you missed every day at the gym until today, today you went. You are a rock star and you are successful.
  15. 15. Setting up Goals Miah: Do you set big juicy goals? Absolutely. Do you also set little milestones on the way? Absolutely. But the key is to focus on those successes. And also this could be uneducated because success breathes success but I also say that failure can breathe success. I mean you and I have how many stories of… Mark: Oh my gosh. A failure that has led to success but only in that… Miah: If you’re surrounded by the right people. Mark: Right. You’re surrounded by people. The successful people and that breathe success so let’s shift gears, I mean right to there. Someone once said… I’m sure a lot of people said that if you wanna make a lot of money, hang out with people with a lot of money. And if you first hear that you go, woah, hey that’s a little snobby, what you’re gonna turn your back on… Miah: Actually google it. There are a lot of formulas that you’ll find your closest friends and you find the average of their net worth it like almost nails your net worth average.
  16. 16. Beliefs and Values Mark: And it’s not by chance because we are the product of our belief and values. Excuse me. I’ll cough for a little more times in the show and I apologize for this. So we are the sum of our beliefs and value systems. We are the product of what we are mentally. And right now, like it or not, you’re listening to our show and you are adopting some of our beliefs. Miah: We are actually brainwashing you. Mark: We are brainwashing you. Look into the light. So there are 3 ways that we get our beliefs in life and it’s important to understand all three of them. First, we are talked beliefs by our peers, our family members, people we work for they all say, in your job, wait and wait to get good customers and we top this and if we buy into it, it becomes part of who we are when we are dealing with the customers. In a family setting we say what we believe about marriage and sex and equality or whatever it is. You top that and you start to believe it and you live your life according to that and you make decisions on that. So those are taught beliefs. And the next ones are bought beliefs. And bought beliefs are so dangerous in a way. Good or bad.
  17. 17. Spent to learn Mark: Because a bought belief is actually anything you sacrificed for. So if you spent money to learn something, you’ve paid for an education. You’ve paid to go for a seminar. When you’ve made that investment, your mind looks at it differently and says I made a sacrifice to get this so I will hold it here, I will hold it close. It doesn’t have to have to be on the conscious level but I promise you when you pay for something yourself, it holds more value. If a car was given to you, it doesn’t hold near the value it does as the car you bought with your own money. When you scratch that car. Miah: Can we caveat to a three-hour distracted segment about hand outs and dough… Mark: But it’s true. If something’s given to you at no cost you’re part. It doesn’t value at the same value. So basically all of you listening to this show, no cost whatsoever, you do your self a disservice because you’re being taught them but you didn’t buy it. So if you bought it and you paid for it you would actually get more. You know society… Miah: I just have a book Addicts and Millionaires go on and buy it.
  18. 18. Bought Beliefs Mark: You can spend some money on that. Value it more. You know if you give a book out for free, it probably won’t be read. If somebody buys a book 100% of the time, it gets read. It’s just the reality. So taught beliefs, we get those. The bought beliefs decide where are you buying your beliefs and how is that impacting you? Because those are so powerful when you make a sacrifice. The third way we get beliefs and decide who we are and what our life will become, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously are beliefs that are caught. So they’re taught, bought or caught. And when I say caught, I mean caught like a… the flu. Miah: Like a disease. Mark: Or a cough or a disease. Simply being around… Miah: Or rash.
  19. 19. Belief system Mark: Miah we don’t want any details Miah. So here’s the thing. If you’re around someone with the disease, you are in high chance you are going to get that disease, now diseases of taught are so much more contagious than any disease that’s in the air, viral or infection because it just comes by proximity by hanging around with those people. If you have a hard time accepting the reality that your income is roughly the medium income of the people you associate with, recognize the people you associate with, associate with them because they have similar ideas and beliefs about life and society and business and everything else and so you will make decisions similar to them. If that is where you are, and you’re happy there and want to be there, awesome. If you want something different, recognize that the most dangerous beliefs and again I’m gonna state this so directly and clearly as I can, we are the sum of our beliefs. And that’s just the way it is. Miah: Take it to extremes and take like inter-city ghettos and the bleak system in the kids growing up there. And then you take very rich sub urbs and the belief system of the kids going… the kids in the rich sub urbs or in elite families they believe that they are going to go to college and graduate and have a job. Mark: Absolutely they believe it.
  20. 20. Belief Structure Miah: And those kids in the inter-cities, what are their belief structure? Mark: Their older brother didn’t, their mother didn’t, maybe their dad didn’t. By the way this is no way what’s in Miah’s heart and mind is. This is no way a negative statement of the people as individuals. It’s a sad state of American culture. Miah: Look at Ben Carson. So Ben Carson’s a neurosurgeon who came from inter-city poverty ghetto. And his mother – he’s raised by a single mother – his mother regused the belief that was prominent in that culture. And made the kids turn off the TV, send them to the library. She made them do book reports, she couldn’t read. And she would take their book reports and she would put highlighters and little checks on them and give them a grade on the top and she couldn’t read. They found out later that she couldn’t read. Mark: But here’s the thing, she was rewarding them for the effort. They got to see and touch, they got an out a boy, you’re getting it done, and here’s the thing to think about as well. They’re in a library, they’re reading books, presumably good books most of them are – not all. And theya re adopting the beliefs and values systems that are coming through those pages in the library and theya re becoming or he became somebody different.
  21. 21. Wrong Beliefs Miah: In his book that he wrote, his mom got the idea of sending them to the library, she cleaned homes for a living for rich people and she noticed all the rich people have one thing in common, they had libraries in their homes. They were surrounded by books so she thought, I’ve got to surround my sons with books although their friends watch TV all day long and go out and play on the hood, I’m gonna surround them with books like the rich people do. So they caught that. That belief system. Mark: Right. So as you look in this new year and say a new year a new you? Who surrounds you? And this is a painful thin to realize but there were people in my life that I had to start to slowly distance myself. Do I still love them? Yes. Do I still value them? Yes. Will I still do anything for them? Yes. Am I better than them? Of course not. However, I wanted to be happier than they were by distancing myself. And started hanging out with people who are happier. I wanted to be more financially secure. And so I distance myself and hang with those people who are more financially secure because I know beliefs are taught, bought or caught. And it’s not or, they are taught, bought and caught whether you like it or not.
  22. 22. Emcee MP Miah: You just… you should be an emcee. Emcee MP. Mark: Emcee MP? Miah: Taught, bought or caught whether you like it or not… Mark: I just need so music, some drums. Miah: Is that your beat box? But you can dance hiphop. Mark: Wait I’m a white guys from the sub urbs, I don’t have a chance. Miah: Born in Israel. Mark: Born in Israel. Uhm, vanilla ice. But he had to lie about it to be successful at it.
  23. 23. Foul Mouth Miah: Eminem. Mark: Dude you’re right. Miah: He’s from like Bakersfield California. Mark: No he’s not. 8-mile man. I actually buy Eminem, he’s got some… parents with kids listening, don’t be mad at me. Well I don’t like his foul mouth. Miah: Coz it melts in your mouth not in your hand. Mark: That’s right. I love chocolates. Miah: Are we talking about candy or?
  24. 24. Making success real Mark: Candy is music to my mind. Alright so success is a direction, recognize that success breathes success both by celebrating the little steps along the way and by being around successful people, you will catch their belief system. Miah: And bring you out of the abstract. Mark: Make it real. Make success real. Miah: Everyone that’s listening, you’ve had success in your life. And you need to focus on those things in which you have success on. And if success always remains in the abstract, it will always be just a dream. Mark: Now let’s take it a little bit further, one, those of you listening to this show that are already successful, take it upon yourself to give others the opportunity to find success in whatever small and large ways. Find ways because the only way we move a society or culture, a country forward truly to progress as a society is to give everyone the opportunity to find small successes regardless of how uneducated, untalented or unskilled they are. Let’s take for example…
  25. 25. Hiring the right people Mark: Take for example this current subject of minimum wage. There’s this movement to move from roughly 7.50 to 8.50 minimum wage in the country to 15 dollars an hour and I’m thinking, 15 dollars an hour that’s still not a living wage. That’s still not a good income that’s hardly enough for anybody to do anything on. However, to move it to 15 dollars an hour makes it impossible for me as an employer to hire someone to fit the 8 dollar job. There are people that don’t have the knowledge, the skill or the training to be worth more than even 4 dollars an hour. I’m sorry but you hire them at 8 dollars an hour whatever there is and you give them a n on the job training, you kind of bridge that gap and get them to 8 dollars an hour and do I want them to stay at 8 dollars an hour? No. it’s too hard to find good people and if they’re good people I want them to learn and succeed and make a 15 and 10 and 20 and a hundred dollars an hour. Miah: And pretty soon they’re gonna get the set skills and they’ll leave you for a better job. Or keep progressing.
  26. 26. Learning the hardwork Mark: Or they’ll start their own company and that’s the point. The sad thing is as soon as you eliminate the opportunity, for someone to have the miniature success, you rob them of the opportunity to grow. To make a job so expensive for an employer to hire, you eliminate the job but that is not the big deal. The big deal is you eliminate the opportunity for someone to learn and grow none of us dropped out of the room and ran. We had to be born and we had to crawl, we had to learn to walk, and eventually we got faster and some even become professional athletes you know professional runners but you start walking. To say it’s unfair for a child, this is just an abstract analogy, you say it’s unfair for a child to have to learn to crawl and then stumble around and fall on his face because that’s in human, that would be just as ridiculous as to say someone has to need a job starting at 15 dollars an hour. They say no, there has to be progress from one to the other. And guess what, I’ve got kids that I want to be able to take a good job and start at 15 years old, 16 years old whatever it is and make 8 dollars an hour so they can have the success, they can learn that hard work can bring a paycheck, harder work can bring a bigger pay check, harder with a harder work with the education can bring them even a bigger pay check and by learning, to get from 8 dollars to 15, they’ve also learned exactly what they needed to learn to frown from 15 to 30 coz guess what America, 15 dollars an hour is not enough.
  27. 27. Living wage Miah: It’s not a living wage. Mark: It’s not a living wage. I agree with everyone who wants a raise to 15 that 8 is not enough. Neither is 15 and guess what, neither is 20. Neither is 25. Miah: Some people neither is 50. Mark: That’s right. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t try to trap people into the crawling stage of employment and rob them of that crawling phase of employment by making it to an expense for employers to hire them. Miah: And more the expense for employers to hire them, more importantly I think is, as you mentioned, there are people in this world, take teenagers for example, they are individuals in the workplace who wanna get in the work force, who write now their skill is not worth 15 dollars an hour.
  28. 28. Robbing the opportunity Mark: But you can say, oh but them as an individual and then you say okay, stop. Set that aside, if you believe that them as an individual is worth more than allow them the opportunity to learn and grow and progress. To rob them of that opportunity to grow is to rob them of any level of success in life. They cannot and no one ever should get something for free. Or get a higher pay than what their work effort justified. As soon as you do that, you rob them of growth. Miah: And for everyone out there, this is coming from two guys who car washed, bagged groceries… Mark: I bagged groceries before I was 16. Macy sack and say how was bagging groceries going? This is a miserable job. My feet hurt, my legs hurt. I have to keep smiling at people I don’t know and bagging groceries, I get pass it and you move on. And that’s the way it starts and it should. There’s our little distracted moment. Back to new year and a new you, and even though we may go, oh well I don’t know, we’ll go long… our typical 30 to 45… we’ll go to uneducated which I’m excited about. Take it out of the abstract, your goals, make them obtainable celebrate every little success, recognize first and foremost that success is a direction and believe us when we tell you that beliefs are taught, bought or caught and you can’t escape that.
  29. 29. Rich neighborhood Miah: And how are you projecting that upon parents? How are you projecting that upon your employers if you’re or whoever are your influence. What values are you projecting Are you teaching? Are you selling? Mark: And what are they catching. Simply by proximity. Are they good or are they bad. It’s sad. My family, big family no money. And you know, we’ve talked about this before. What you didn’t know about Mark are those the thing that I was so clever about, the thing I have figured out is wrapping the duct tape outside of my show whether kids would make fun of me but I would wrap coz the whole bottom. Instead I wrap the whole duct tape around my sock, and it stick my foot on my shoe coz the duct tape would protect my sock but it was inside the shoe and no one would see it right. And that’s our background. I had a dad who’d always say, you see, Mike Pope, he was the rich guy and so you know in our neighborhood, the rich guy was not rich, to us, he was filthy rich. Those guys would have pizza that family would go out for pizza every weekend. They could afford pizza. Like from a pizza place at least once a week. They were so freaking rich. They have cars with only 40 to 50 thousand miles. They were so rich. But we would look at the Pope family, and he had his business and my dad would say, look at Mike Pope, look how successful he’s been. You can do that. You can work hard, you can build a company, and you can find success. And as you move in up in life and you find more and more success, you’d look at other people and you look at someone that make Mike Pope look poor. Pope might be looking at someone and say look at that guy son, look how successful they are compared to us.
  30. 30. Principles of success Miah: We need to take his money. He didn’t earn that. Mark: And that’s where I’m getting. That’s the sad thing. It’s because the thing that’s being taught badly in our education and unfortunately even bought. People are paying to learn at our universities that, look at that guy has way too much. We need to take it from him. And it’s disgusting. Instead of saying you can have that and go for it. It’s like success reaps success and failure breathes failure. Miah: Here’s a principle. Because someone succeeds does not automatically mean that someone else had to fail. It is not a sum non game. Mark: It’s the ridiculous nature of a whole group of people in our society that somehow think the pie is only so big and if someone has a bigger piece, then you got a smaller piece, that’s the narrowest minded thing in the whole world I’ve ever… Miah: My whole life, never knowing my piece is getting smaller. But know he told me my piece is getting smaller I’m pissed off.
  31. 31. Childish argument Mark: And now somebody has a ton of money means he must took all of it from me. No, that is the most, it’s the most childish argument I’ve ever heard in my life that make people oh yeah, he’s got a big piece, you took it from that guy. I’m like, no no no no, actually there are people who create things. They create thing that people willingly buy and love and are excited about it. And that benefit their life. And there is win-win. Actually, this you may find hard to believe people but there is such a thing as win-win. It’s not a mythical unicorn tramping over a rainbow. Miah: It’s true I have two living in my backyard. Mark: What did you name them? Miah: Nancy and Karen. Mark: Nancy and Karen, hey are those ice skaters? Miah: I walk them to work every day.
  32. 32. Uneducated segment Mark: Okay, a new year a new you. I hope that was helpful. Miah: they smell like Pepperoo. Mark: Do they? They even have a smell here. Your imaginary pictures have an odor. Miah: and their voices change. Mark: I just pictured unicorns and pixie dust with a high voice. Not a James Earl Jones voice. Miah: You don’t because you’ve never seen a unicorn. Mark: No that’s true. On to our uneducated segment… Everyone… you wanna do this one? Miah: Yes.
  33. 33. College is for everyone Miah: Here is the phrase: College is for everyone. Mark: Or everyone should go to college. Oh I’m sorry teachers and parents. So let’s start off by not being hated. And clear the slate just for a second. Everyone should go to college, so our uneducated segment is we take something we’ve been taught our bought or even caught. So no matter how we got that education, taught, caught or bought… Miah: How about your teeth? Gold? Mark: Oh you like that gold? They say that we’ve been taught, bought or caught the idea that everyone should go to college and it’s just flat out ridiculous and wrong. However, everyone should get and education. That is the true statement. Everyone should get an education. Should everyone go to college? No. Does everyone learn well in college atmosphere? No. Miah: Does everyone deserve to go to college? No
  34. 34. Yes or No segment Mark: So…but an education should be available. So let’s talk about an education versus going to college. Is it possible… this is the yes or no segment Miah… IS it possible for someone to go to college and not get an education? Miah: Yes. I had to think about that one, yes. Mark: Oh my gosh. Yes. It’s totally possible to go to college and get no education. You didn’t go to college to only learn how to smoke dope how to down…okay and how to party. You can actually go to college and learn stuff you learned in high school. Education… so here’s the thing, let’s separate college from education… and you know that’s ridiculous. Is college good? Yes if you get an education there. Can an education be found in college? Yes. Can an education be found outside of college? Yes. Is it possible to even find a better education out of college? Yes if you have the discipline Sometime the college structure is requisite for some personalities to actually plow through the judgry of learning everything and so it’s good. I’m not knocking college education. But the reality is there are a lot of people, a lot of ADHDiers, a lot of brilliant minds, a lot of people whose brains are going so fast that even college courses are too slow, and they are unable of getting an education there. But to think that that’s the only place to get an education is ridiculous.
  35. 35. Getting education Miah: Let’s take some examples like let’s talk about other place we get education like for example trade schools, so you have welders that work for you. Your engineering firm has got up a shop where they take the stuff and they design and… Mark: And they make it. Miah: That’s right. They build prototypes. So there are these guys outside of the shop who are welders who have gone to trade school or they’ve learned it in high school or they’ve been hobbyist. They’ve been able to prove their skill. Whatever that may be. They proved their skill. So when you think of a welder out here, how much does a welder make? 30 grand a year? 40 grand a year? Mark: How good is he? So here’s the thing, a welder starts making nothing.
  36. 36. Welders wage Miah: Wait. That’s not minimum wage, they should make 15 dollars and I was like stop. A welder not only starts out making so much less than 50 dollars of those minimum wage. Welders start making out with nothing worse than that, a welder starts paying someone to teach them how to weld. They start out welding at a negative minimum wage. A minimum wage of -5 dollars an hour, or -10 dollars an hour or 10,000 dollars for the course to learn to weld. And then they go out and they might even do apprenticeship or they weld things for their family and their friends for free. Wait, that’s so much less than 15 dollars an hour. We are so evil to even have brought up the distraction. So then they get better and get better and at our place, prodigy engineering the welders there making 84 to 88 thousand dollars a year 43, 45 dollars an hour welding. You know what? That’s great and you know what, they didn’t start at 15 dollars an hour and worked to 80,000 dollars a year. They started at zero. They started at less than and that is okay because as they progress and learn and get better, and can weld stainless steel, welding stainless steel is a unique set for a welder and then when welding aluminum is even more difficult because heat flows too quickly through aluminum or so much you have to be a lot better and as you get better with things, you get more money. Awesome.
  37. 37. Education is not only in college Miah: And so there’s that education we’re talking about where else can you get education. I wanna give another example, about everyone should go to college, and it’s just ridiculous. We hired an engineer that was the professor in the engineering department at a major university. And we thought we’d bring him in. he’s the guy that teaches guys that we hire. And he’s below average among all our engineers. Which means the people coming out of his classes could not have obtained under hi tutelage anything better than below average. Now we’re high high end very expensive engineering program and so below average may be good in some people’s minds. You know where we send our new engineers? Miah: I can only guess. Mark: When they come straight out of college, with all their degrees and diploma and all the paperwork that proves how stink and smart they are, you know where they start at our company? On YouTube. On YouTube. We have to say sit down okay. Miah: Are those safe? How can you guarantee that those welders are safe?
  38. 38. Teaching kids Mark: Here’s the thing. I’m not talking about welding engineers. I’m talking 3D cad, high end mechanical electrical engineers. I’m talking about guys that populate circuit boards. Miah: How can circuit boards be safe if they’re learning it from YouTube? I mean I thought there were just videos of cats and dancing nun. Mark: The sarcasm is actually appropriate. Because here’s the thing, sadly we’ve got kids and this is my little ran, it’s a frustration because I have to pay these people to come to work and I have to teach them how to think. Come out of college, and all they’ve learned how to do some of them, not all of them, some teachers are great, some just tenure and don’t give a crap anymore. But they come… and not all teachers that are tenure don’t give a crap. Don’t hate me. Don’t you email at markpateysfakeemail.com. So here’s the problem, they come out of school and they’ve spent their whole life learning how to do what they’re told. They don’t know how to think. I specifically look for the ADHD kids because they can’t stop thinking. But we get kids that come out and they don’t know how to think and we send them to YouTube and we say okay, you’re gonna work with hybrid control systems with the new electric motors on our full size vehicles under this contract oh yeah I’m an expert at this in college
  39. 39. Educational system Mark: Great that’s fine but I happen to know that the book you’re learning out of and the course you’re taking in college, that book was written 5 years ago. Or even longer. And I just go, you are learning from a book that was written 5 years ago taking a course from someone who actually put together the curriculum 10 years ago, updated at 5 years ago when a new book came out an today, I’m sorry. When it was put together, the day the book came out was only as good as the guy who wrote the book, one. Two, assuming that was the best there was, 3 months later is out to date, slightly 6 months later it’s even more out of date, a year later, it’s completely behind. And if we have an education system that can’t move forward, ate the pace of a global economy, this country will fail. Miah: The problem is you cannot produce a centralized educational system or larger scheme that can be out as it can keep up with market forces and with the private sector,
  40. 40. Education is everywhere Mark: You can’t. What we’re doing at prodigy, what we’re doing with specifically computer control hybrid systems for vehicles. What we’re doing this year makes the stuff last year look like a joke. Like pathetic. And last year we were the most cutting edge high end expensive engineering firm you could find in this market space. And I look back and go a year ago and they don’t know what we’re doing. And we bring kids out of college and they got their education great. And we bring that and say okay, we want you to go on YouTube, and search videos on the guys that are drag racing electric motors, and listen to all their videos and learn how they burned up their controllers and why and what wave frequencies were working and what wasn’t. What was causing shutter in the drivelines, was it mechanical like they thought or was it electrical because of pull experiences in the controllers and go get your education sadly on YouTube but guess what, YouTube updates every single day and I don’t even own a stock in YouTube, Miah: Actually, YouTube updates every second. Mark: Every second. So here’s the reality, education is everywhere today. And you should get an education. Everyone should go to college. Is college good? Yup. Can you learn at college? Yup. Can you waste 4 years of college? Yup. So kids…
  41. 41. Learning and Knowledge Miah: and just a quick note, over 50% of skilled laborers, in America, skilled laborers welders, mechanical machiners, are 45 years and older. Mark: So there’s nobody even filling that spot. Miah: There’s not even one filling that spot. Mark: That’s because people are going to college and coming out with an education that can’t get them a job. They think… Miah: How’s that liberal arts degree working for you? Mark: Yeah, how’s that pay check coming? But sadly they get that teaching from somebody else. It’s a degree, we’re not saying that it’s not important, it’s important to you. Miah: Here’s the take away, learning and knowledge and education is everywhere. Just stay curious
  42. 42. Education never stops Mark: And for parents and kids, one, education never stops. It never stops. When you get out of college, if you think you’re done – and that’s one of the challenges with college, you say when I get a degree I can go get a job, no, when you get a degree you get to start your education. You get to go get a job and begin your education. Don’t think you’re done once you think you’re done learning, you become the stupidest person in the world. You’re ignorant and you’re not gonna succeed in life. Secondly parents, please and kids, don’t think we’re saying don’t go to college, we’re not. We’re just saying college isn’t for everyone college isn’t the only place to get an education so if a parent or child, if your kid’s not gonna graduate from high school, separate for yourself the reality that high school isn’t the only place to get an education. If they’re not gonna go to college, understand that college is not the only place to get an education. Education is the most important thing and I would argue the most important thing in thus life. How you get that education is as unique as the individuals. Miah: There it is, that’s a pretty ribbon.
  43. 43. Education is important Mark: It’s just after Christmas still in the spirit of putting a nice ribbon on it. So I think that sums it up. Education is the most important thing, make sure your education is coming from the right places, if you wanna find success coming in this new year, recognize that they’re taught or caught and look at where you’re getting your education today coz whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, you are continually getting educated, your beliefs and values systems are being morphed and shaped every single day and that is who you are and ultimately will determine where you are in life. We love you guys, we love you as listeners. Miah: That was sincere, I really felt that thru the microphone. Mark: I was sincere but I was also rubbing your leg. Miah: Oh my gosh, what is that.
  44. 44. Success is just a direction Mark: Reach out to us through Facebook. Adhdgift.com sorry facebook/adhdgift.com. That’s coz I only shave once a week like the stubble face. You can also call 855-ADHDGIFT call that. It’s totally free. None of that matters anymore, everybody has cellphone we pay this call so every time one calls the toll free number, we can have a toll free number and we know it’s not saving them so…but 855 ADDGIFT call.. we’ll tell you how to leave a message for the distracted program. If it’s clever, smart, fun, cool, or just heavy mouth breathing we might play it on the air and talk about it. Miah, did you have anything else? Miah: We’ll do live phone calls one of these days coz I know have that piece where we can do it. Mark: That would be very fun to do some live phone calls. Look for that in the future. That’s it. Guys, we truly love all of our listeners and thank you for sharing the program please, if you haven’t shared it on your social medias lately, share it. Share it daily. Share it regularly and remember this, difference is not a disorder and success is just a direction.