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Gredy - test automation management and team collaboration


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Gredy - test automation management and team collaboration

  1. 1. A tool which answers a question «How to make test automation contribution visible and profitable?»@ImGredy
  2. 2. Test automation management tools… are specific tools providing test automation collaborative environment that is intended to make test automation efficient, clear for stakeholders and traceable. Since test automation is becoming cross- discipline (i.e. mixes both testing and development practices), the need of specific and dedicated environment for test automation is becoming vital.
  3. 3. There are…Too complicated and overdesigned tools and dashboards
  4. 4. And there are… too primitive ones
  5. 5. MotivationTest automation usually lacks of reporting, analysis and providing meaningful information about project status from automation perspective. Eventually it is lack of value…Classical Test management systems from the other hand mostly targeted on manual effort and cannot give all tangible information and capabilities
  6. 6. How special tool will help? By:o Making transparent, meaningful and traceable reporting for all project stakeholderso Easing test debugging through built-in test results analysis workflowo Providing valuable metrics and KPIs – both technical and business-wise (trend analysis, benchmarking, gap analysis, root cause analysis, risk point analysis)o Grid benchmarking and comparison of test execution days reduces analysis and review efforto Clean traceability with other testing artifacts (test cases, data, issues, etc)o Keeping historical data in a single place, easily retrievableo Post project analysis and automation performance assessment (basically progress of test coverage shows the group performance)
  7. 7. Our Clients: Case Studies at glanceE-commerce Company:"We rely significantly on test-automation to reduce time to market our products.Gredy made our automated testing process well established and efficient."Global Finance Company:"Our overall software lifecycle have been benefiting from use of Gredy and asmore test automation we have as more we realize necessity to have testautomaton management tool"Navteq, GIS:"We were able to deploy and integrate Gredy with Soap UI within one day. Sincethen we deliver nice daily reports to managers. Also the tool gets rid of tediousdaily results by showing comparisons against previous days"Security Company:"Test automation is an integral part of our continuous integration. Results arehuge and unstable from day to day. We are attached to Gredy, it is a must to havetool for us from this point"
  8. 8. Test automation ecosystem with Gredy Prod (Stable) Triggers update Static code Tests + Commits analysis SCM Prod (Stable) Framework Continuous Integration Test cloud fills Test Test Reporting artifacts DB On demand, sche facilitating duledTest Reporting Traceability Benchmark analysis Metrics Defects Test code promotes changes
  9. 9. Easily Integratable with any ITE or infra
  10. 10. Dashboards
  11. 11. Collaborative environment for automation engineers
  12. 12. KPIs and analytics
  13. 13. Wiki style Updates
  14. 14. Built-in issue tracker
  15. 15. Further Steps?Test Runner – Queue Job Stand(s) DNS/IP (if multiple - separate by comma or space) Interrupt on new Job? Kill the current Job? Date: Kill the current job if its priority is less than: Time: Repeat Job N times: Max Duration:Queue the Selected Job Priority:
  16. 16. Further Steps? More: Test queue and scheduling Test Runner API for CI or whatever to trigger run Backward integration with CI tools Plug-ins and ALM integration Change history and audit trails …We will keep it lightweight and simple Your ideas too -
  17. 17. A tool which answers a question «How to maketest automation contribution visible andprofitable?» Learn more at and Try Live Demo at To get your FREE Gredy Team edition, send us your inquiry via (subject for discussion) @ImGredy