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Social media strategy


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The Presentation details about how being an advertiser one could frame a strategy on Social Media for its client.

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Social media strategy

  1. 2. When Working, Playing, and Networking collide… Social Media Marketing Viral Building Online Communities Consumers/Students/ Teens/ Purchase Decision Makers and Required TG
  2. 3. Products : Consumer Oriented products TG : Age 12-15 years looking for fashionable relevant product Secondary Market : Age 5-65 years looking for fashionable relevant product USP : Delivering strong product assortment, good quality product with strong designs
  3. 4. Audience Institutional Voice Traditional Social Media Blogs Communities
  4. 7.   Families Consumers Measurables Activities MEDIUM       Invites Images Quizzes/Events Vidoes Measurables Skin integration Facebook √ √ √ Allowed √ √ √ Followers √                   Orkut √ √ √ Allowed √ Limited √ Followers Themes                     Twitter √ √ √ allowed √ NA   Followers √                   Flickr √ √ NA Followers