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Pceo Presentation On Cg

  1. 1. Philippine Export-Import Credit Agency PHILEXIM’S CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK
  2. 2. OUTLINE 1. Statement of Policy and Commitment 2. Governance Organizational Structure 3. Corporate Governance Initiatives
  3. 3. STATEMENT OF POLICY It is the policy of PhilEXIM to actively promote corporate governance reforms and pursue the observance of the principles of fairness, accountability and transparency. PhilEXIM’s Code of Corporate Governance
  4. 4. COMMITMENT PhilEXIM is committed to institutionalize the principles of good corporate governance in the entire organization. The Board of Directors, Management and Staff commit themselves to the principles and best practices of good corporate governance and will undertake every effort necessary to create awareness within the organization. PhilEXIM’s Code of Corporate Governance
  5. 5. GOVERNANCE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Board of Directors Corporate Secretary Governance Risk Oversight Audit Committee CEO Committee Committee Risk & Internal Compliance Audit
  6. 6. Chief Executive Officer The President & CEO is ultimately accountable for PhilEXIM’s organizational and procedural controls. PhilEXIM’s Code of Corporate Governance
  8. 8. Align to Best Practices Improvement in Organizational & Functional Definition 1. Re-alignment of functions for clear delineation of duties and responsibilities 2. Adoption of new Key Results Areas (KRAs) 3. Comprehensive training programs on leadership and management development 4. Adoption of corporate and employee performance evaluation, reward and merit system
  9. 9. Align to Best Practices Institutionalize Risk Management and Control System 1. Improve Internal Credit Risk Rating System 2. Risk-based Pricing System 3. Risk-based Business Approach (RiBBA) Audit
  10. 10. Align to Best Practices Adherence to Financial Standards 1. Financial management in accordance with Philippine and International Accounting Standards (PAS/IAS) and Basel II b) Regular participation in seminars conducted by the PICPA
  11. 11. Sound Corporate Governance Implementation of PhilEXIM’s Corporate Compliance Program An internal self-regulatory mechanism for orderly implementation of ethical responsibilities and compliance with laws, rules and regulations, policies and procedures Redefinition of the distinct but coordinated roles of the Board as policy-making body and management as executor of policies
  12. 12. Sound Corporate Governance Implementation of PhilEXIM’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Sets forth the principles and core values of PhilEXIM as well as policies governing conflict of interest, divestment and public disclosure Vetting of members of the Board and strict compliance to the “Fit & Proper” rule of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  13. 13. Sound Corporate Governance Implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Program Participation in the Department of Finance’s Philippine Corporate Governance (CG) Scorecard for government corporations and financial institutions
  14. 14. Sound Corporate Governance Training & Development PhilEXIM officials led by the BOD actively participates in corporate governance seminars conducted by the ICD and ADFIAP
  15. 15. Awards & Recognition In June 2008 was included in Corporate Governance Circle being one of the top 10 government owned corporations and financial institutions recognized by the ICD for its corporate governance initiatives
  16. 16. Corporate Values Excellence Innovation Integrity Professionalism Teamwork Responsible Governance
  17. 17. THANK YOU