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Adjectives (Functions, kinds, and usage)

  1. Adjectives Grammar 4th Semester Ade Sudirman,S.Pd. M.Pd.
  2. Noun Review: Underline all the uncountable nouns
  3. Answer: Uncountable nouns Tennis, squash, bowling, table tennis, snooker, equipment, fee, tuition, coaching, competition, thirst, fruit juice, mineral water, footwear, lighting, sunlight, swimwear, exercise, food, food, fruit, bread, advice, information.
  4. A. Function To modify a noun and pronoun. Noun He loves a beautiful girl. Jenny is a really old friend. Pronoun She is beautiful. Jenny is modest.
  5. B. Adjective kinds Proper Descriptive Quantitative Numeral Demonstrative Distributive An Indonesian pilgrim A new book He had little money Definite numerals : Cardinal, Ordinal, Multiplication. Indefinite numerals : All, some, enough, No, many, several, sundry. Definite : this, the, that, such. Indefinite: A, an, any, some. Each, every, either, neither.
  6. Attributive and Predicative Adjectives When an adjective comes before noun, it is attributive: When an adjective is separated from the noun and comes after the verb, it is predicative: C. The usage She’s an intelligent young woman. The exam was really difficult.
  7. D. Order of Adjectives What is it like How big How old What shape? What color? Where was it made? What is made from? Noun Red Chinese Silk shirt Beautiful Old house Small Square Brown Envelope Opinion Size Age Shape Color Origin Material Purpose Noun O SI A S C O M P N Beautiful Old house Unique Small New Square Brown American Leather Shopping Bag
  8. They are staying in an enormous old grey building. He looks rather tired and old now. We met a charming young medical student. He is an angry, aggressive young man.
  9. E. Construction of Adjectives • An exciting trip • A completed manuscript Participles as adjectives • A well-built house • Handmade tools Compound adjectives are formed with participles • Careless, Attractive • Dishonest, unnecessary Suffixes and prefixes
  10. F. Comparison of Adjective 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 the . . . Est/ most . . . Er/more adjective
  11. Assignment 2 3a, p.11; 3b, p. 12; 3c, p.14. Source : “Grammar Practice for Upper Intermediate Students”
  12. The end Thank you