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A Business-Critical SharePoint Solution From adesso AG


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Präsentation von der SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas von Marcus Peters.

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A Business-Critical SharePoint Solution From adesso AG

  1. 1. A Business-Critical SharePoint Solution From adesso AG Generating Business Impact [Marcus Peters, Head of Collaboration & Content Microsoft, at adesso AG SharePoint Conference, Las Vegas March, 2014]
  2. 2. Time is money! and information can help saving time Reliability and real time information are the most important factors for public transport systems. Business-Critical SharePoint Informations are available, but located in proprietary lob systems. Only special gateways are able to provide this information. Aggregation of information from several lob systems and providing them with standard interfaces will lead to more customer satisfaction and therefore to more customers.
  3. 3. SharePoint: Information Hub Information from several sources (control station software and a SharePoint Marketing Site) is aggregated by BCS. Standard SharePoint web services are publishing aggregated information Information from web services is consumed by several channels, such as mobile devices, apps, social media or newsletter services Business-Critical SharePoint
  4. 4. Benefits  Speed: Fast information provision through multiple channels (e.g. Push notification, mail, website, apps, social media)  Reliability: Customer can recalculate his route instantly with live information about delays from third party systems  Cross selling: Information hub provides information about delays, and marketing campaigns  Personalizable: Customer can define custom filters to get only relevant informations (e.g. by geo location, categories, schedules)  Significant increase (5%) of the modal share (percentage of travelers using public transportation) Business-Critical SharePoint