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Microsoft power point story-telling-presentation


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Published in: Education
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Microsoft power point story-telling-presentation

  1. 1. Story-Telling Why is it important? prepared by Annabel Desiradifferent from simply reading!Story-telling does not necessarily: involve a book ask the participants to be seated have everyone just listening take you in one directionStory-Telling isso much much more!
  2. 2. Why do we like stories? We are curious. It’s one way of learning about things. It helps us identify ourselves with the characters of the story. It bonds us as a group or family. It can be a set recreational time to enjoy.Some things to look for in thefirst stories you tell ... You have to like the story. It should be short. It helps if the story comes from your own culture or a similar one. It is easier to start with a story that has a fair amount of repetition. The story should have at least one memorable moment or a surprise twist, or a deeply satisfying ending.
  3. 3. Before Telling the Story … Learning the Story. Are you an imitator? Are you a memorizer? Are you a spur of the moment improvisor? Are you a picturer? For more information about this check : The Story Telling Handbook by Anne PellowskiPerforming the Story Opening lines. Pacing your story. Facial expressions. Distractions during story –telling. What if you forget part of the story? Ending your story.
  4. 4. In Summary … Choose a Story Remember the Story Material Preparation Be Yourself Use your Voice Well Use Special Effects and Music Remember to make use of Body & Face