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A presentation about the Online Travel Market in New Zealand and Australia. Presented at the 2008 Northland Tourism Conference by Michelle Ackers from Adept Marketing.

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Online Travel Market

  1. 1. The Online Travel Market Presented by Michelle Ackers ADEPT
  2. 2. How much is the online travel market worth? ADEPT
  3. 3. Which online channels get the bookings? ADEPT
  4. 4. How does each tourism sector perform online? ADEPT
  5. 5. Australian Accommodation Network Map ADEPT
  6. 6. What does this tell us for each tourism sector? • Airlines develop their own online bookings systems and are effective at directing bookings to their websites. • Accommodation is much more fragmented but is continually increasing online bookings. They rely heavily on travel websites. • Car Rental companies benefit from bookings through both online travel agencies and their own websites. • Dynamic Packaging will increase as online travel agencies develop their online strategies more. • Tour & Activity operators suffer from lack of online booking technology and traveller reluctance to book in advance online. ADEPT
  7. 7. How to get bookings from your own website • “If you build it, they will come” - not always true for websites…search engine rankings are important • List on as many travel and directory websites as you can to direct traffic to your own site More listings = More Traffic = More bookings • Show your availability for bookings • Email booking requests are now common but not instant…consider REALTIME online booking tools • Managing your internet presence does take time but it is cost effective ADEPT
  8. 8. What online booking systems can offer • Secure instant booking and payment tools for your own website • Funds Management of bookings - payments and refunds • Automated updates of availability and pricing from your own system • Listings on their own travel websites or partner websites • Easy set up and cost effective • Charge monthly fees or % fees on bookings ADEPT
  9. 9. Updating of booking websites • “Channel Managers” like Siteminder and EZ Yield can help save you time • They distribute your availability and pricing information to a variety of online booking websites • You don’t need your own reservation system or online booking tool to use a channel manager • Tend to charge monthly fees ADEPT
  10. 10. Travel Websites • Mix of travel organisations, last minute websites, niche and regional sites, directories and maps • There is a lot of choice and competition for share of online accommodation bookings. Initially 28 days focused, now a swing towards 12 months • Research the relative costs and traffic of each provider, especially if you have to pay to list • Judge which options suit your business best in terms of target market, budget, system links, and time commitment • They will all direct traffic to your own website ADEPT
  11. 11. Top Travel Websites in NZ ADEPT
  12. 12. Top Travel Websites in Australia ADEPT
  13. 13. Summary • The online travel market is growing and continually evolving • Managing your online presence and bookings is now an integral part of your marketing mix • There is not one perfect solution - the more exposure you can get online the better. • People increasingly want “instant” answers • Research the options - if you’re not confident seek advice ADEPT
  14. 14. Thank You Michelle Ackers ADEPT Marketing ADEPT Marketing Tel: 021 02908060 Email: Kerikeri, New Zealand Marketing Management | Online Marketing Tourism Marketing | Strategic Planning ADEPT ADEPT