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Oreo‘s Advertising & Communications Strategy: Is it effective?

April 2012

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Oreo‘s Advertising & Communications Strategy: Is it effective?

  1. 1. Oreo‘s Advertising & CommunicationsAlex Ashton Strategy: Is it effective?
  2. 2. Oreo: An Overview•Cream biscuit sandwich•Nabisco division of Kraft Foods•100 years old this year•Available in over 100 countries•Diversified low priced product rangeOreo’s 100th Birthday, Global Campaign,“Celebrate the Kid Inside”. Feb to Jun 2012.
  3. 3. Advertising & CommunicationsThe specific mix of advertising, salespromotion, public relations, personalselling and direct marketing tools thatthe company (Oreo) uses topersuasively communicate customervalue and build customer relationships.Kotler et al, 2008.
  4. 4. Communications Process Model1948
  5. 5. Brand Narrative “the Oreo ‘twist, lick and dunk,’ the ritual that creates a simple, carefree moment and allows everyone to connect.”John Ghingo, Director for Global Biscuits, Kraft, 2012.*symbolic consumption, adding meaning to the brand*
  6. 6. “Successful Advertising appeals both to the head and to the heart, to reason and to emotions” Beatson 1986: 265
  7. 7. 2012 TV Advert Explanation to DaddyUK
  8. 8. Oreo uses both an INVOLVEMENT ORIENTED (lifestyle resonance) & PERSUASIVE (sequential process) natured appeal within this campaign.Hall 1992, 4 frameworks for advertising.
  9. 9. Advertising Format, Applebaum & Halliburton 1993• Children• Slice of life• Demonstration• Humour
  10. 10. Oreo do not rely upon mass media & the linear communications model stated by Schram 1955. They have moved furthertowards an interaction model, allowing 2 way communications with consumers through digital channels.
  11. 11. Let thecustomer dothe advertising
  12. 12. IMC Model
  13. 13. X X ? IMC?X
  14. 14. Hierarchy of Effects Model Purchase – events, direct marketing Conviction – emotion based messages Preference – ‘milks favourite cookie’ Liking – Social media Knowledge –twist lick dunk Awareness – repetition of brand narrative
  15. 15. Personality, Perception & Interpretation “Expectations, needs, personality traits,past experiences, and attitudes toward the stimulus object all play an important role in determining consumer perceptions” Shrimp 2007• Indian Advertisement
  16. 16. Global Communications• Global product, adapted communications• Local product, local communications• Social media – values/perceptions• Clear controlled messages
  17. 17. Advertising Evaluation• Market share• Adspend (ROI)• Reach• Brand prompted/day after recall (salience)• Feedback
  18. 18. Any Questions?