Do You Really Need A Process?


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Would life really be better if we didn't have all these processes in place? What exactly is a process in the first place?

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Do You Really Need A Process?

  1. 1. do you really need a process at work? A primer by Mansoor Adenwala
  2. 2. Before we start… What is a process, really?
  3. 3. a set of documents?
  4. 4. series of checklists?
  5. 5. binders sitting on a shelf?
  6. 6. or something to keep you in line?
  7. 7. Can life be better off without one? Let’s see....
  8. 8. What would you do if you didn’t have a process…
  9. 9. be creative?
  10. 10. be free to do what you want at work?
  11. 11. apply new idea's to each problem?
  12. 12. then ask yourself this first…
  13. 13. Can you reinvent the wheel every time there’s a problem?
  14. 14. Over time, you end up applying the same solutions to the same set of problems occurring at work
  15. 15. more and the same problems crop up often than different problems
  16. 16. handling the same problems again as new ones uselessly drains your resources...
  17. 17. ends up stifling creativity, instead of nurturing it
  18. 18. process helps this is where a
  19. 19. a process is a handy solution to tackling the same set of problems you've been encountering on a day to day basis
  20. 20. It documents a roadmap to (a) effectively handle a problem (b) and implement the required solution
  21. 21. brings together all the knowledge your firm has accumulated over the years, in a concise referable form on making improvements and preventing past mistakes, in short, making your job easier
  22. 22. answers (a) what to do, (b) how to do it, (c) who does it and (d) who needs to be told about it
  23. 23. easier makes it for new people to get up to speed quickly!
  24. 24. you with more and leaves time to tackle the really difficult and hard problems creatively!
  25. 25. Caveat: Only works if the process is YOURS!
  26. 26. your problems are only similar to others, not the same!
  27. 27. Pictured: Chinese IPod Knockoff (Left) & Original IPod Nano (Right) so why copy their solution?
  28. 28. when you can make yours better! try it, it’s easier than you think Pictured: The new Sony Walkman Series music player (top) and the Microsoft’s Zune Media Player (Right)
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