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What's up with the Pragmatic Web?


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Presentation for the panel discussion at the 5th AIS SIGPrag International Pragmatic Web Conference Track of I-SEMANTICS, Graz, Austria, Sep 1 2010

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What's up with the Pragmatic Web?

  1. 1. ICPW 2010 PragWeb Panel What’s up with the Pragmatic Web? Aldo de Moor CommunitySense the Netherlands WWW.COMMUNITYSENSE.NL
  2. 2. An evolving Web Web 1.0 Focus on information “Digital brochures Web 2.0 Focus on content, communication, and co-creation YouTube, Facebook Web 3.0 Focus on semantics, pragmatics, and collaboration Wikigovernment
  3. 3. Pragmatic Web questions How are communicative actions with a pragmatic context performed via Web media? How can mutual understanding and commitments to action evolve in conversations?
  4. 4. Researching the Pragmatic Web From potential Web functionalities to actual use Theories Language/Action Perspective Language as coordination mechanism, focusing on communicative interactions Pragmatic Web Impossible to describe data well enough for it to be used in arbitrary applications.(Singh, 2002) Moving the research focus from semantics to pragmatics, from representing to using meaning (De Moor, 2005) Applying appropriate web technologies to help improve the quality and legitimacy of collaborative, goal-oriented discourses in communities (Schoop et al, 2006) Build a socio-technical infrastructure that supports the negotiation of meaning and the coordination of action (Aakhus, 2007)
  5. 5. A socio-technical conversation context perspective
  6. 6. PragWeb publications Source: Google Scholar, date 1-9-2010, all articles including term “Pragmatic Web”
  7. 7. Shaping the Pragmatic Web - Social psychology - Organization science - Negotiation science … - Community Informatics, LAP, - HCI - CSCW Org Semiotics - Web 2.0, Semantic Web - Social media technologies - Networking infrastructure -…