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As an instructional assistant at the S.I. Newhouse school of Public Communications, I oversaw a number of team teaching and research presentations. This is an example of one of those.

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    1. 1. Social Media’s role in journalism Alexandra Montgomery (@AlexandraMontg7) Stephanie Bouvia (@snbouvia) Danielle Odiamar (@daniemarieodie) Brysan Brown (@BrysanBrown) #SM4Journalism
    2. 2. Roy Morejon, Social Media Today
    3. 3. •Nearlyhalf Americans getsome form of local news on amobile device•Almost half get their newsonline at least 3 times a week•Over 50 percent of peoplelearned about breaking newsvia SM—not official newssites! #SM4Journalism
    4. 4. How do journalists fit in?•Adapt to the new shift?•CNN 13% of all social media mentions #SM4Journalism
    5. 5. How reporters use SM for their stories
    6. 6. Reporters Maureen McCann (@MaureenMcCann7) Meteorologist from KMGH-TV DenverKlout: 55 Catherine Hawley (@CatherineH_WFMZ) 69 News Allentown Klout: 46 #SM4Journalism
    7. 7. @MaureenMcCann7•“This is where people are getting their information.”•“Ifyou engage with them on Facebook and Twitter, theywill then turn on their TV.”•“This way we can constantly give out information.” #SM4Journalism
    8. 8. @CatherineH_WFMZ•“Not everyone is going to be home.”•Promote and get people involved•Followers can stay followers #SM4Journalism
    9. 9. #SM4Journalism
    10. 10. •Major news•Interact with followers/•Respond•Tweet what youcouldnt fit in•Be honest #SM4Journalism
    11. 11. How reporters use social media toget story ideas and sources
    12. 12. Craig Kanalley (@Ckanal)Senior editor at The Huffington Post•Twitterand Facebook best for findingstory ideas and sources. Klout: 80•“Ireally like just being able to connectwith people.”•Socialmedia is “really invaluable tohelp shape not only what coveragewe’re doing, but areas we’re missing.” #SM4Journalism
    13. 13. @Ckanal•Breaking news: Twitter, Tweet Deck, Facebook•Reaches out to people using SM•Twitter lists, hashtag tracking (#BreakingNews)•“It’s an easy opportunity to connect with ourreaders.”
    14. 14. TrendsMap.com•Seewhat’s trendingwhere•Breaking news in specificareas•See what matters where #SM4Journalism
    15. 15. How Breaking News Unfolds on Social Media•1. Excitement•2. Speculation•3. Confirmation•4. Opinions•5. Action #SM4Journalism
    16. 16. @DeanPraetoriusDirector of Trends & Social Media@HuffingtonPost Klout: 68•"Socialmedia is the simplest way of getting a message out tothe world.”•One group driving the dominant conversation bound to spreadworldwide•Stories break on SM daily. Ones that spread show relevance #SM4Journalism
    17. 17. Social Medias Role in Breaking News Stories • The Arab Spring -- SPREAD • Osama Bin Ladens Death -- BROKE • Hurricane Sandy -- COVERED
    18. 18. Social Medias Role in Arab Spring •Common ideas, objectives more accessible •Made calls to action more personal, appealing •Accelerated pace of reporting and the conflict •Created global awareness #SM4Journalism
    19. 19. How Did it Happen? Largest demographic of SM users is 18 to 25 •Largest population is younger than 29 •One unified message crowded SM feeds •Used SM to organize and spread info #SM4Journalism
    20. 20. Twitter Breaks the News•Man live Tweets the Navy Seal’s raid without realizing it #SM4Journalism
    21. 21. Osama Bin Laden’s DeathAccelerated reaction fromWhite HouseEnabled people affectedby 9/11 to unite throughsocial media #SM4Journalism
    22. 22. Hashtags After Bin Laden’s Death #OsamasDeath #MissionAccomplished #OsamaIsDead #WarOnTerror #OsamaIsGone #NeverForget #America #September11 #AmericanPride #ObamaGotOsama #NavySeals #USA
    23. 23. @TIME Covers Sandy With Instagram"It was about how quickly canwe get pictures to our readers.”- @KiraPollack- Responsible for 13% of all thesite’s traffic that week- Time’s Instagram accountattracted 12,000 new followersduring a 48-hour period.- At its peak Instagram had 10pictures up per second. #SM4Journalism
    24. 24. Social Media Interactions Become Newsworthy Rebuild Staten Island Facebook page Facebook pages, Twitter used to reunite people with others and lost items News stories covered interactions on social media #SM4Journalism
    25. 25. Future of SM and Breaking News•Linebetween journalists and regular people isthinner.•Still media’s job to sift through info, find truth,evaluate and relay•Everyjournalist must work as a social media editor,know how to use all platforms -- @DeanPraetorius #SM4Journalism
    26. 26. Challenges Social Media Presents to Journalists #SM4Journalism
    27. 27. Business Challenges News Organizations Face Using Social Media Charging For Content, While Attracting Readers•Dueto the decline in print sales and increased use of websites, several newspapers, including the New York Times have been charging the amount of articles they read for over a year now. •Online publications have begun to alter their content creatively, by targeting specific audiences and groups
    28. 28. Nick Friedell of @ESPNChiBulls on the ChallengesJournalists Face Using Social Media Klout: 67Syracuse Alum•http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/bulls•https://twitter.com/ESPNChiBulls #SM4Journalism
    29. 29. “The other big challenge regarding social media is the fact that it isconstant. Its really hard to keep track of everything. The news cycle is non-stop. Youve got to make sure that what youre reading is accurate. In my field,a lot of fake accounts can pop up with bad info. Youve always got to makesure you stay on top of everything out there ... and you must make sure that itis coming from a respected source.” - Nick Friedell #SM4Journalism
    30. 30. Nicholas Confessore (@NickConfessore)Political reporter for The New York Times Klout: 73https://twitter.com/nickconfessore•“The essence of our guidelines is that a reporter’s social mediapresence is an extension of their identity as a reporter, and shouldbe shaped accordingly. #SM4Journalism
    31. 31. Your turn… ask a question!•@Ckanal: Senior editor at The Huffington Post•@MaureenMcCann7: Meteorologist from KMGH-TVDenver•@DeanPraetorius: Director of Trends & Social Mediaat The Huffington Post•@ESPNChiBulls : Nick Friedell, Chicago Bulls beatreporter for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000 #SM4Journalism