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Super SEO Web Design - NYC based company specializes in web design, web development, seo, article writing, ppc advertising, ecommerce solutions and more at competitive price.

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New York Web Design

  1. 1. Website: Contact Us: 1646 513 4324 Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  2. 2. About Us: We are an established SEO website development company with a base in New York City that specializes in web design and development, search engine optimization, article writing and submissions, PPC advertising and ecommerce solutions. Our search engine marketing company is set up based on the vision to be reliable and recognized world-class market leader in web design, SEO, PPC, ecommerce solutions and article writing with cost effective online marketing strategies and campaigns. We are recognized in the market as an established and reputable search engine marketing firm as well as a proficient ecommerce web design company that offers innovative and functional web design and SEO solutions and services with strong industry partners and a stellar track record of our services. Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  3. 3. Our Services:  CMS Web Designing  Mobile App Development  Software Development Solutions  Wordpress Optimization  Email Marketing  Blog Article Writing Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  4. 4. CMS Web Designing Modern businesses are discovering the wide range of benefits of a Content Management System with a modern and functional web business site. A wellstructured CMS serves as a useful interface for the best of website design and development in any business. We offer the following CMS services:            Business Website E-commerce Portals Custom Design Templates Custom Modules Development Custom Components Development Design Integration Module Installation Script Modification and Customization Maintenance of CMS Portals Enterprise level implementations Multi-site E-commerce projects Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  5. 5. Mobile App Development The increasing number of business setups in the marketplace changes the way businesses operate today. More application development services are required to capitalize on the latest mobile devices using the latest technologies. Modern mobile devices do not sell well if they only look good with a limited number of features. Fast paced lifestyles are the order of the day where exciting and trendy mobile apps are desired on sophisticated mobile devices. We develop applications and websites for the following platforms:        Apple iPhone Apple iPad Apple iTouch BlackBerry Android Windows Mobile Symbian Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  6. 6. Software Development Solutions The modern technology today enables businesses to leverage on the varied tools and solutions available to boost their bottom lines and modus operandi. There is surely the perfect software for your business. Although standard software solutions are available to cater to minor business requirements which are quite common, we excel in out-of-the-box bespoke software solutions which separate our clients from their competition in their business operations and productivity. Our creative and capable software development services team is able to understand your business requirements and expectations from a quick consultation session before recommending the best of functional software that would enhance your business operations and marketing campaigns. Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  7. 7. Wordpress Optimization Many modern companies today take on a WordPress website to enjoy the plethora of benefits from its wide range of advanced features available. It is necessary to ensure a WordPress SEO optimization as business grows to enjoy an optimization of web traffic. Here are some of the WordPress website optimization solutions we offer to our clients:            Anti-spam solutions Disabling paged comments Reducing page size and PHP queries Reducing the pings list Google sitemap integration Optimizing theme and template codes Minimizing HTTP requests Broken links check and Checking 404 errors Removal of unnecessary meta information Facebook & Twitter optimization Installation of canonical URLs Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  8. 8. Email Marketing Emails are used a lot in modern lifestyles today with a growing usage in businesses. Email marketing is a new and impactful social media tool for modern businesses that incorporates social media components in any innovative business’s email marketing campaigns. Modern businesses that embrace social media and email marketing options today would enjoy more favorable end results. These are critical tools in providing the best of social capabilities to business communication strategies. We are an experienced email marketing company that is a market leader in email marketing services today. We offer the best email marketing services with a dedicated and skillful team of email marketers and experts in generating the best of email marketing strategies and campaigns that are relevant to modern businesses today. Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  9. 9. Blog Article Writing It is easy and common for individuals to initiate a blog whether it is a personal or business blog. It is easy to post any article on the blog regardless of its length and quality but such articles will not draw web readers. A business blog is often set up to add on more value to the main web business site to attract more web visitors to be converted to sales. Hence, blog article writing is a skill which not everyone can boast of. Our blog article writing skills will ensure original and interesting contents that are fresh and unique to stimulate web readers for more with a regular return as well as share their interesting find on the Internet. This will benefit the company in terms of image building and increasing the company’s web presence. No potential and valuable visitor to the site would be lost through disappointment or frustration at the poor blog article quality. As experienced and creative blog article writers, we exercise the secrets of successful blog content writing to produce quality, unique content for any blog post. Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324
  10. 10. Website: Contact Us: 1646 513 4324 Website : Contact Us: 1646 513 4324