AddVenture Catalog 2008


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The first catalog I ever worked on.

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AddVenture Catalog 2008

  1. 1. SHAPE YOUR BRAND ™ 2008
  2. 2. {index} CompressT 04 PAGE Shape your brand with a custom shaped t-shirt. 14 SpecialT Printing PAGE Take your artwork to the next level with specialty screen printing. LogoWeld™ 16 PAGE Enhance your brand with this premium solution. AddVenture was founded in New York in 1981 as A. Davis Design. When we moved to Southern California in 1992 our name was changed to AddVenture ShapeMags 19 PAGE Products, (hence the double D). AddVenture is an award-winning supplier of Attraction guaranteed with these custom shaped innovative shaped promotional products. Back in 1988, we introduced the first magnets and stickers. postcard compressed t-shirt to the world. ShapePack 20 As the creator of the original CompressT, we hold numerous design and utility PAGE patents. AddVenture ships everything out of our corporate headquarters and Pack your tees in our custom shaped boxes. manufacturing facility in Southern California. The heartbeat of AddVenture’s success is found in the extraordinary trust our BooShirt 22 PAGE distributor partners place in us. On-time delivery is the core of our culture and Breathe a little easier with these silky smooth shirts. is as important to us as it is to our customers. We are committed to shaping the success of our partners by building brand value and by delivering reliable first class service for every customer every time. EcoWipes 23 PAGE Get handy with wipes that grow before your eyes. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 3
  3. 3. WHAT IS A CompressT is completely unique from start to finish. Starting with your choice of 100% cotton t-shirt, we screen print your graphic, and then compress your tee under tremendous pressure into the solid custom shape of your choice. Your artwork is displayed on a high quality insert card visible through the package, transforming each t-shirt into a custom client: MICROSOFT marketing tool. The result is an unforgettable promotion that fits into the palm of purpose: Create a memorable your hand and adds shape to your brand. tee with a lucky winner promotion inside. result: A great success with free X Box 360 give- SAMPLE USES: aways. + Product Launches + Gift with Purchase + Invitations + Company Promotions + Product Recognition + Meetings and Events + Sales Promotion + Creative Packaging + Vending Machines + Trade Show Give Aways + Direct Mail + Point of Purchase Display + Coupon Inserts + In Store Promotions + On Pack Promotions EASY AS 1 +2+3 T YOUR = DESIGN HERE client: DODGE client: HIDDEN VALLEY STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 purpose: A car launch to challenge Your logo or design is screen Our special process compresses Open the package, then wash purpose: Brand our product and spread the senses. printed onto a 100% cotton and vacuums the t-shirt under and dry and it will return to the word. result: An eye catching new design brand name t-shirt. tremendous pressure into small its regular shape with your result: A fun promotion perfectly solid packages. message ready to wear. that broke the old mold. produced and spread around. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 5
  4. 4. STOCK SHAPES VISIT WWW.COMPRESST.COM The very best promotions are easily recognizable and leave a lasting impression. CompressT stock shapes allow you to enjoy the best possible promotion with no difficulty. With over 500 stock shapes to choose from there’s something for everyone. ONE SHAPE: MANY FACES In this example, the stock lightbulb shape is also a perfect fit for various other shapes. client: US BANK purpose: Liberate our brand with a promotion. result: A uniquely bankable shape. patent #: D464,876 client: GIBSON purpose: Create a gift for clients who purchase our product. result: A patented shape rocked their world. patent #: D442,476 client: SMUCKERS client: ESKCO client: DUNKIN DONUTS client: HAYWOOD BUILDERS purpose: Design a bright and unique idea. purpose: Store promotion t-shirt giveaway purpose: Create a compress-t that purpose: This promotion “has to that looked like a real donut. hammers out the competition. be good.” result: A wearable that soared with result: This light bulb shone so bright result: A hot donut that delivered result: A winning tool that was the stars. that we had to patent it. sweet results. fun to wear. patent #: D449,981 patent #: D442,856 patent #: D451,797 patent #: D454,060 ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 7
  5. 5. CUSTOM SHAPES Differentiate your brand from the competition with a promotion that is undeniably unique. Send us your custom art to design a mold that differentiates you from the rest. Our state-of-the-art engineering process will make your promotion stand out. FROM THE PLAN, client: SCION TO THE MOLD, purpose: A hip wearable to appeal to TO YOUR TARGET. urban sophisticates. result: Clients raced to get this hot promotion. client: HUMMER client: MSNBC client: ALL purpose: Go where only the very purpose: Brand the MSNBC logo in purpose: Create a custom promotion for client: HERSHEY few dare venture. a colorful and unique way. a fresh, new line. client: DELTA purpose: Design a sweet promotion with a powerful punch. purpose: Create product recognition result: A big shape that drove the result: A custom CompressT that result: A clever item that cleaned up with impact. unique campaign message. struts as proud as a peacock. the competition. result: What emerged was a break through custom shape. result: A high-flying wearable. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 9
  6. 6. client: CARTOON NETWORK purpose: Create awareness for our new cartoon season. ADD ANOTHER DIMENSION result: A red hot wearable. Design your CompressT to come to life in 3D packaging. Enhance your custom t-shirt by adding a second or third insert card. By transforming your artwork into a replica of your brand, this promotion becomes the real thing. client: U.S. PLAYING CARD purpose: Have the promotion stack up against our cards. result: This royal shape was a winning hand. client: QUIZNOS client: MENTOS client: T-TAPE client: ALLISON TRANSMISSION purpose: Give us a t-shirt shape that looks purpose: Give us a t-shirt giveaway that purpose: Simulate our product for just like our sandwich package. looks like the real package. a promotion. purpose: Create a unique retail item for their store. result: A promotion that looked good result: This promotion took our result: A miniature replica of their enough to eat. breath away. product on a skid. result: A t-shirt that sweetened the deal. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 11
  7. 7. HOW TO USE A There are no limits when imagination adds value to your promotion. Add stickers, coupons, direct mailing, or product to increase the visibility of your brand. Convert your CompressT into a unique way to measure the success of your promotion or to directly drive purchasing. client: MICROSOFT client: PARAMOUNT PICTURES purpose: Prize for winning clients. purpose: Promote the “Stardust” result: This was a very wise movie release. mailing promotion. result: The enclosed stars added magic to this promotion. client: LG client: MICROSOFT client: EQUIPMENT WEBSERVICES client: VOKAB KOMPANY client: GOLD’S GYM purpose: Drive our free purpose: Design a fun way to participate purpose: Beef up Sales with a unique purpose: Provide added value to our cell phone pro- purpose: An invitation to in a new product launch. promotion CD release. motion launch. tour their facility. result: A unique custom shape thrilled result: This simulated steak package, result: This unique promotion rocked! result: The tasty package lucky barcode scan winners. packed on a Styrofoam tray, we designed result: A unique promotion that included a sticker to generate included winning sales leads. gold tickets inside. shaped results. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 13
  8. 8. process: Index and Process Colors result: Your complex graphic images will come alive with the use of vibrant colors and detailed shading. PRINTING See what these award winning separations can do for your project. Let us transform your promotion into a garment with a retail rich flavor that subtly elevates your brand. Bring your creative ideas to the next level of screen printing with innovative techniques such as velveteen, sparkle, high density inks, vintage wash and more. process: SPARKLE process: BLING uses: Add shimmer and shine with uses: Great for design focused an extra layer of liquid crystals. promotions. Foil has a rich Sparkle ink can be added to retail look that will provide a almost any color for a glamorous sophisticated touch to any logo and glistening result. or to enhance graphics. process:: Jumbo Screen Printing process: Chalkboard uses: Got a huge graphic to print? uses: The original instant mes- process: VELVETEEN process: METALLIC process: VINTAGE WASH Use our jumbo sage! Almost any wearable screen printing uses: Beautifully accent designs uses: Metallic inks add shimmer uses: Used for a distinctly old school item can become a sign capabilities to board with this remark- with a special soft flocked and shine to your design or effect, Vintage Wash offers a capture your im- fiber. Textures like suede logo. Reflective inks enhance soft hand feel on dark garments. able promotional item that and felt give your apparel a the surface and texture of age. The results includes a piece of chalk. uniquely delicate feel. your wearable. are massive. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST our complete online shapes gallery at Visit 15
  9. 9. WHAT IS ? LogoWeld™ is a process of sonically welding layers of vinyl to fabric. This premium promotional solution fuses a 3-dimensional applique to high quality apparel and accessories. We design and cut custom dies from your artwork in-house. LogoWeld™ can be used alone or combined with silk screening to create superior promotions that will enhance your brand. client: DELL purpose: Make a wearable promotion that’s client: BET NETWORKS inspired by our product launch. purpose: Create a piece that compliments result: A stylish wearable that combined tuxedos at the BET awards. printing and our LogoWeld™ process. result: This blinging bag giveaway stole the spotlight. client: MOTOROLA client: ATI JET client: HYPNOTIK purpose: Provide a promotion that is purpose: Create a cap that shows our purpose: Promote a new hip night club. client: NINTENDO client: HELIUM undeniably cool. brand is taking off. result: This award winning wearable purpose: Design a high end retail purpose: Provide an eye catching wear- result: This promotion really said, result: This flying logo made delivered hypnotik results. item for WII players. able promotion. “Hello Moto.” heads turn. result: WII gamers were stylin’ result: These “blinged-out” tees in these cozy jackets. uplifted their image. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 17
  10. 10. process: LogoWeld™ Magnets oo! & St ickers t result: Add bling and dimension to your logo with LogoWeld™ magnets. Choose either silver or gold liquid metal. WHAT ARE ? Give positive attraction to your brand with our custom magnets and stickers. Pick from any of our stock shapes or send your own artwork to have your brand printed on a high quality digital press or choose LogoWeld™ appliqué for a glimmering logo. Magnets and stickers can be used as a stand alone promotion or inserted with a CompressT for an exceptional added value. client: UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA purpose: Promote school spirit. result: Stickers and tees that rallied school spirit. process: Magnets process: Stickers info: Get positive attraction info: These stickers are with magnets and stick- a fun way to shape ers. Choose from over up your promotion. 500 shapes! Choose from over 500 in-stock shapes. client: NINTENDO client: FENDER client: SURF STORE purpose: Provide a kid-friendly video purpose: Give us a twist on a classic purpose: A retail item with added value. game promotion. promotion. result: These cool stickers and tees result: Super Mario sticker and t-shirt result: This guitar sticker rocked were a hit with surfers. were a super combo. the event. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST 19
  11. 11. client: MICROSOFT purpose: Provide a unique upscale packaging promotion. result: This simulated chrome WHAT IS A ? box received rave reviews. ShapePacks™ are a dynamic solution for a promotion on the go. Shirts are ready to wear, just open the box. ShapePack allows you to dramatically embellish your box with your own custom design. Choose from our stock boxes or present your own ideas. For that little something extra include coupons, free passes, or incentives. client: AQUARIUM SOFTWARE purpose: Design a trade show winner. result: These shirts were worn right out of the box. client: HORIZON client: GIBSON client: THINKPAD client: HAWAIIAN TROPIC purpose: A promotional purpose: Unique wearable item for purpose: An exclusive in-store offer. purpose: Create a casual and wearable trade show client: NASCAR special event. promotion item for a special event. item with added value. result: A t-shirt with coupons and purpose: Winning design for the fans. result: These tees rocked the house. a cool laptop box. result: A fun t-shirt that was instantly wearable. result: A t-shirt that is result: An upscale ready-to-wear ready to wear. promotion that was laps ahead of the competition. ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST our complete online shapes gallery at Visit 21
  12. 12. Great promotions are green. Our EcoWipes are 100% natural, biodegradable, and packaged in a recyclable box. Wipes start at nickel size and grow before your eyes when exposed to water. This ultimate handy cloth is earth friendly, economical and a remarkable value for your next promotion. Sample Uses: Camping Traveling Office Car School bag Baby care Restaurants Picnics Give it up to Mother Nature for creating this eco-friendly client: HI GEAR fabric. Our bamboo polos and t-shirts are made from 70% purpose: We need a gift that bamboo fibers and 30% cotton. Our shirts are not scales new heights. only soft and silky but they also have many other result: This got packed in desirable qualities. with the essentials. • Naturally Anti-Bacterial • Built in Ultraviolet protection • Moisture wicking • Antimicrobial • Natural fibers Globally, we believe in socially and environmentally responsible conduct and are actively pursuing new eco-friendly products and business solutions. STEP ONE STEP TWO STEP THREE Pour cold or warm water Let EcoWipe grow to full EcoWipe is ready to use. over EcoWipe. size (8.6 x 9.8 inch). ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST our complete online shapes gallery at Visit 23
  13. 13. The Addventure Addvantage: Thousands of Shapes Innovative Products Return on Investment Marketing Tools SHAPE YOUR BRAND ™ ASI 31940 PPAI 111053 SAGE 50211 UPIC COMPREST © 2008 AddVenture Products, Inc. All rights reserved. Logos herein are trademark of their respective companies and used for demonstration purposes only. Not for sale or reproduction.