gvSIG Mobile as a client of SDI,OSGIS 2009.Nottingham


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gvSIG Mobile as a client of SDI. OSGIS 2009 University of Nottingham, U.K.

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gvSIG Mobile as a client of SDI,OSGIS 2009.Nottingham

  1. 1. gvSIG Mobile as a client of SDI Amelia del Rey gvSIG Team/ Association gvSIG adelrey@prodevelop.es OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  2. 2. Agenda Company presentation gvSIG project gvSIG Mobile Demo gvSIG Association OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  3. 3. Company presentation Spanish company (Valencia) GIS : ¡¡ 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE !! 60 + employees Member of Technical Management Team of gvSIG High focus on FOSS4G: Victoria, Cape Town, Sydney OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  4. 4. gvSIG Project Origin: CIT Open source GIS (JAVA), License: GNU/GPL gvSIG desktop GIS client of SDI: (WMS,WMC,WFS,WCS,.. Vector and raster support SEXTANTE, +200 functions Translated into 19 languages International mailing list: +3000 users and developers http://www.gvsig.org OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  5. 5. gvSIG Mobile GIS mobile users Framework of gvSIG project. GNU/GPL Prototypes 0.1 and 0.2 JAVA GIS mobile devices testbed Developed in JAVA ME (J2ME) Refactoring process Developed by: Prodevelop, Robotic Institute of Valencia and IVER OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  6. 6. gvSIG Mobile Platforms: Windows Mobile (2003,WM5 and WM6) Porting to Android, OpenMoko,.. “gvSIG Mobile mapping libraries on Android “ (unofficial version) http://www.youtube.com Java Virtual Machine (JVM): Prototype 0.1 : J9 IBM Prototype 0.2: PhoneMe Advanced Devices: PDAs, smartphones and cell phones Future: Tablet Pcs OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  7. 7. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.1 Project Management Default properties Create/save/new Navigation Zooms Manual Pan OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  8. 8. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.1 Supported data Vector: Shape files Raster: ECW, JPG,PNG OGC services: WMS Layer Management (TOC) Symbology Export screenshots OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  9. 9. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.1 Query data Selection by attribute Object selection (by point or boundary box) Measurements (distances, areas, coordinates) OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  10. 10. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.1 GPS Support Protocol NMEA0183 Generation of waypoints and tracklogs (GPX,CSV) GPS simulation OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  11. 11. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.1 Data integration gvSIG extension to export data to the PDA OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  12. 12. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.2 Editing of data “in situ” Graphic and alphanumeric data OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  13. 13. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.2 Use of custom forms : XML files Thinlet GUI toolkit OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  14. 14. gvSIG Mobile Prototype 0.2 New formats available: GML, KML and GPX New GPS function: “Set an endpoint of a route” OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  15. 15. gvSIG Mobile Roadmap gvSIG Mobile will offer: Vector support: DWG,DGN,.. Raster support: GeoTIFF,MrSID,... Access to OGC services: WMC,WFS WCS,WFS-T Access to non-standard services: ECWP ArcIMS Advanced symbology OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  16. 16. gvSIG Mobile Roadmap Direct connection with Spatial Data Bases PostGIS Oracle Locator MySQL Geosynchronization: (WFS-T) Navegation: POIs, Alerts Integration with OpenStreetMap GNSS Support: DGPS or NTRIP Sensor function (SOS), (SWE) OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  17. 17. Demo OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  18. 18. gvSIG Mobile Mobile GIS client of (SDIs) Useful tool: editing/visualization of data “in situ” Aplication sectors: Urban Planning Infrastructures Management Fire Detection and Prevention Biology, Archeology ... Download http://www. gvsig.org/web/projects/gvsig-mobile OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  19. 19. gvSIG Association 2004-2009: Evolution of gvSIG Project Community: (SME's, Universities, Research Centers, developers, users,.) Towards an open organization Decentralization: Community Sustainability: gvSIG Association gvSIG Association Open international non-profit organization Promotes FOSS4G and development of gvSIG SME's, Organizations Services and GIS solutions using OS Contact: adelrey@prodevelop.es OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  20. 20. Thank you very much for your attention !!!! Questions and comments Amelia del Rey gvSIG Team/ gvSIG Association adelrey@prodevelop.es OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09
  21. 21. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/legalcode OSGIS 2009. Nottingahm. 22/06/09