First #EnterpriseCamp Utrecht May 2010


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First #EnterpriseCamp Utrecht May 2010

  1. 1. Social Media Club Utrecht theEnterpriseCamp editiesponsored by SETUP Utrecht 12 May 2010
  2. 2. Welcome totheEnterpriseCamp (10)
  3. 3. Meta-Agenda● Welcome to theEnterpriseCamp (approx. 10) ● what is it about? ● basic rules ● #hashtags● Theme Introduction (approx. 10) ● intro about the Theme by the Business Case owner● Agenda Definition (approx. 30) ● participants define the agenda by grouping Issues into Topics● Breakout Groups (approx. 60) ● participants discuss about Topics in separate Breakout Groups● Share Your Findings (approx. 60) ● participants share and discuss the findings from the Breakout Groups● Closing (approx. 10) ● knowledge creation for the long term
  4. 4. What is it About?● An Enterprise Camp is a 3-hours, facilitated, participant-driven event centred around an entrepreneurship-related theme.● Other than in classical conference formats, theEnterpriseCamp relies on the passion and the responsibility of the participants, putting them into the drivers seat.● In an Enterprise Camp, everyone is there ● because theyve chosen to be there, ● because the theme at hand is something they have real passion about - and ● because they saw this gathering as a unique opportunity for connecting with others who are eager to learn about, plan for, and take action in an area that they all share interest and passion about.● Whoever comes is the right people and whatever happens is the only thing that could have.● Participants are encouraged to facilitate or actively participate in the breakout sessions.● Everyone is also asked to share information and experiences of the event, both live and after the event, via social media channels including blogging, posting.
  5. 5. Basic Rules● The approach is most distinctive for its initial lack of an agenda, which sets the stage for the meetings participants to create the agenda for themselves.● Individuals raise their issues related to the theme by saying them loud and posting them on the wall, grouping the similar or related issues.● When all the issues are out they are grouped by the participants, with the help from the facilitator, into groups or Topics.● For each Topic a breakout session is defined and a participant volunteers as facilitator, usually someone with expertise or specific interest in the topic.● Each individual facilitator takes responsibility for kicking off the conversation in the breakout session, and taking notes on the online tool provided by our infrastructure.● These notes are then compiled into a proceedings document that will be distributed electronically to all participants.● Finally each Group shares the results of the Topic discussion with the other Camp Participants in a plenary sharing session.
  6. 6. #hashtags● THE EVENT ● #SMC030 ● #theEC● WHAT WE ARE DOING ● #PeerLearning ● #CoCreation ● #CoCreatie
  7. 7. Theme Introduction (10)
  8. 8. Theme Introduction (10)● This Enterprise Camps theme is Use of Social Media in Setting up a “Media Lab” in Utrecht● Lets have a first look at the theme through the eyes of the “owner” of the Business Case: the SETUP Project of MediaLab Utrecht● After a VERY short Theme Introduction, theEnterpriseCamp activity will start and YOU will take the lead!● Have a great peer-learning experience!
  9. 9. theEnterpriseCampAgenda Definition (30)
  10. 10. Agenda Definition (30)● The Participants create the agenda with the help from the Camp Facilitator.● Participants raise their issues related to the theme by saying them loud and posting them on the wall, grouping the similar or related issues.● When all the issues are out they are grouped by the participants, with the help from the facilitator, into Topics.
  11. 11. theEnterpriseCampBreakout Groups (60)
  12. 12. Breakout Groups (60)● When the Topics are defined... ● ...each Participant decides which Topic Group to join, (If later on you feel like joining another group you CAN do it!) ● ...a Group Facilitator is selected in each Topic Group to manage the breakout session, ● ...the Group Facilitator and the Participants CO-CREATE the Topic Groups working document in the Breakout Group Page.● Notes ● Dont be afraid to discuss the Topic at hand. This is how you add value to the others and they add value to you! ● You can access your Breakout Group Page for editing the draft Findings Document from the Agenda and Topics menu at
  13. 13. theEnterpriseCampShare Your Findings (60)
  14. 14. Share your Findings (60)● OK, now youre done with the Topic Group discussion. Hard work, wasnt it?● Now you will share your findings with the other Participants.● Each Group can decide how to present their discussions outcomes. For example... ● ...the Group Facilitator presents the results from the groups working document ● ...the Group Participants comment and complete the presentation ● ...the other Camp Participants ask questions, clarifications, and discuss the findings ● ...and everybody learns!
  15. 15. theEnterpriseCampClosing (10)
  16. 16. Closing (10)● After the Camp, the working documents will be posted in our wiki at, and everybody will have the opportunity to contribute further!● Thank you for participating!● A final note... we need your help! We are currently developing the Dutch version of theEnterpriseCamp and other Peer-Learning activities and are looking for beta-testers. All the information at Please check it out!!!
  17. 17. Contacts Leonardo Zangrando Partner / EU Coordinator Enterpreneurs Peer-Learning Europe 06 5222 0389 @lionzan @epleuropetheEnterpriseCamp wiki at Please help us! at