Outsourcing microsoft .net développement india


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The new and expanding virtual world demands new and exciting platforms to work on. The same way, after working and experimenting on Microsoft developed .NET (dot NET) framework for many years, the next step that was evolved was dot NET MVC framework.

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Outsourcing microsoft .net développement india

  1. 1. Benefits of .NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework inWeb ApplicationThe new and expanding virtual world demands new andexciting platforms to work on. The same way, after working andexperimenting on Microsoft developed .NET (dot NET) framework formany years, the next step that was evolved was dot NET MVCframework. This is basically used to build web pages and websitesor broadly for web applications. The MVC is an architecture patternthat is useful in dividing an application into 3 major segments orcomponents. The dot NET MVC is a standard framework patternand is used by several application specialists. The full form of MVCis Model-View-Controller:Model : It is the layer of the application, where the logic of theapplication is stored, basically the business layer of the application.View : As the name suggests, it is that segment of theapplication, which displays the user interface, it is the page wherethe end result can be viewed.Controller : It is that layer of the application, which isresponsible for handling the user’s inputs by manipulating themodel layer.So, in a typical situation, the user surfs a site, where a form isneeded to be filled. The Model will hold the logic of the application,e.g. questions, options, multiple choices; etc. The user will enter theinformation in it. This is the Controller layer of the application.Here, the inputs by the user will be manipulated and then bedisplayed on the screen. This is the View layer of the application.The end result of the user interface is generally created from theinputs on the model layer, managed or manipulated by thecontroller layer.
  2. 2. Benefits of .NET MVC framework:-1. Organized Pattern: As it is divided in 3 layers - Model-View-Controller, making it easy to manage the intricacy of theapplication, so the application specialists (developers) canfocus more attention on one segment, Model, View orController.2. As it is divided in 3 layers, the MVC framework gives anenhanced aid to quicker test-driven development (TTD).3. Due to the separation of the layers, multiple developers canwork on an application at the same time, increasing the appdevelopment process.4. As the MVC framework uses various parts of model and viewlayer to process, most of these pieces can be used again inother MVC apps.5. The MVC architecture can be integrated with the Java Script,making it easy to work with other apps- PDF docs or desktopwidgets.6. MVC architecture has a strong URL-mapping componentwhich helps in building better URLs and benefit in searchengine optimization (SEO).View more information on outsourcing Microsoft .NETdéveloppement India, ASP.NET spécialiste and freelance ASP.NETspécialiste. This expertise of author has really been appreciated byviewers.