.NET framework spécialiste


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A platform that has proved to be a boon for the software developers is the Microsoft .Net technology. The main reason for this is the RAD (Rapid Application Development) feature. By the use of this feature, Microsoft can develop enterprise apps by entering in the Object Oriented Programming.

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.NET framework spécialiste

  1. 1. The Future of dot NET PlatformA platform that has proved to be a boon for the softwaredevelopers is the Microsoft .Net technology. The main reason forthis is the RAD (Rapid Application Development) feature. By the useof this feature, Microsoft can develop enterprise apps by entering inthe Object Oriented Programming. For more than a decade now,.NET has penetrated the USA, UAE, South Africa, UK andEUROPEAN markets. It has always proven its worth by developingsomething new and better in several apps for various segments.Little time back, Microsoft has come up with an add-on,Silverlight. Through this, it entered into the market of Rich InternetApplications. As Silverlight provides experience and intuitive userinterface to users, it has started to create its own space in the RichInternet Applications cosmos. It has now started to take over thethoughts of the users and is pacing to surpass their contenders.ASP.NET provides better functioning by gaining benefit just-in-time assemblage, native optimization and caching services. It isexclusively server-side technology so, ASP.NET code performs onthe server before it is transmitted to the browsers. ASP.NET createsstructuring genuine World Wide Web apps distinctly much quicker& easier.Whenever we talk about the .NET programming, one caneasily observe the few points in setting this surrounding. As VB.NET is an objective oriented programming language, it is very easyto get the appropriate keys to the apps concerning issues. It is alsoobserved that, hiring an expert and proficient .NET frameworkspecialist (in French .NET framework spécialiste ) is not an easytask. Usually, the basic and very important advantage seen with.NET is the simplicity while setting up the basic application server,which is generally very difficult and tiring in setting up otherplatforms.
  2. 2. The .NET framework development (in French .NETframework développement ) is specifically designed by keepingscalability as a priority. In this manner, one’s business flourishes, theapps will be able to manage and support the new and added load.This clearly implies that less time will be put-in creating or re-designing new apps. The .NET framework is very justifiable becauseof its make-up settings, which can be edited without re-writing theentire code. This will help in pacing the maintenance, making it easyand will also reduce the cost.Overall, we could say that the future of .NET technology isgreat. It will perform well in all areas ranging from- Desktop Apps,Client-Server Apps, Enterprise Apps, Web Apps, e-commerce storefronts and the very important Mobile Apps.View more information on .NET framework spécialiste,.NET framework développement and Microsoft .NETframework. This expertise of author has really been appreciated byviewers.