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Question 6


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Question 6

  1. 1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?Whilst creating my opening sequence I had to use many different technologies, unlike the obvious things such as my computer, Microsoft word and power point I gradually learnt how to use manyothers for example; Photoshop, Blogger, Prezi and Slide-share.
  2. 2. BloggerBefore I started this project I had never used blogger or any blog in fact, sowhen I had to constantly blog I became used to it very quickly. The bloggerwebsite we used allowed our group to post anything using the appropriate tags (post-production, pre-production and everything in-between). We would also have to tag our name in each post we made so that you could clearly see who created what work. It became very organised as the project went on as we could see who had done what and what needed to be done. Once all the posts were posted we could edit each others and also add more detail if necessary.
  3. 3. Final Cut Pro After we had shot all the clips needed for our opening sequence we uploaded them to Final Cut Pro and edited the video to what it is now. Final cut pro was completely new to me and I had trouble at the start using it but once I got the hang of it I found it easy to use. This software allows you to edit the screen size of your video, change the lighting, add music and cut along with many more. Although I had never used this software I would be able to go back alone and use it without difficulty.
  4. 4. PhotoshopBefore starting this project I had previously used Photoshop in my other subjects so had a rough idea of how it worked. I used Photoshop to createposts for the blog and to create our groups logo. You just upload the image you need to edit and there is really anything you can do to it. This space is where the image would appear that you are editing. This is to navigate around the image and the different information about it. This is the history of the image you are editing. These are the different layers you have on the image.
  5. 5. Prezi,Slide-shareTo use such websites like Prezi and Slide-share you first have to create anaccount. These websites are specifically for sharing presentations online in amore exciting way, and because they are really easy to use I then chose themwhen creating posts. With Slide-share you create a Power-point presentation first and then upload it on to their website and you can edit it whenever.Another helpful thing I learned when using these websites was that you can come back to them at any time and continue to work on them. Just like the Blogs you can share your work with your group and teach each other different techniques with them.